Thursday, 26 January 2017

Catch 9: Preparing Phase Two

So over the past week I've not done much in the way of painting, as Phase One of Catch is complete, however I have made preparations for Phase Two by making the models I plan to paint. Whilst I was in a converting mood though, I also converted the Battlewagon I plan to paint in phase three... as the most impressive of the lot, I shall start with him.

Meet Deffrolla. That's the name of the beastie that pulls the wagon. He also counts as a deffrolla. I don't normally bother to put those on battlewagons any more, but I felt referring to this bad boy as a mere ram just didn't quite cut it...

Here are the accelerator and the brake... in essence, poke it to make it go faster, and if you want deffrolla to stop, pull hard on the chain that is connected to his more tea vicar?

I picked up an ork driver online, I plan to put him at the back with absolutely no connection between him and deffrolla whatsoever... he will steer on faith, the way most ork tek works...

I then have two truks... I plan to paint these in different lizard skin colours, but one will have a reddish hue, and therefore be faster.

I hadn't planned the points to give them wreckin balls, but they could certainly have them if I wanted to, even in a wysiwyg environment.

I also made my meganobz with killsaws. I didn't want power klaws as I avoided anything going into my army that had the word "power" in the title. The killsaws, despite basically being the same thing, aren't called power killsaws... therefore I can get away with this. I tried to make the weapons look like massive old fashioned lumberjack saws to a certain degree.

I won't be showing off Fred just yet, but suffice to say I have modelled him with a comically huge axe that would look ridiculous even in a normal ork army (orks normally allowing a greater degree of comic flexibility, but even then there are limits) however given what he'll be surrounded by, I think he'll be fine. But I want to paint him before he makes his entrance.

Finally, tiring of doing an ork army, I have started to do an ork navy... I have put together Kaptin Badruk and some pirate theme grots I found, as I plan to go to a doubles event with a friend this summer. He is going to be doing a ninja style force using the cult ambush rules from genestealer cult (the rule mechanic fits ninjas tremendously) whilst I shall be using badruk and flashgitz to make an orky pirate force. I have been assembling pieces and conversion material for this, but haven't made a proper start yet, but soon ebay and various suppliers shall deliver and I can make a stat on this side project. Wanting to get more use out of this small force, I have also entered Double Trouble run by Alex of From the Fang. My friend isn't yet sure if he can make that event too, they are only a week apart and real life does intrude (personally I'm taking two weeks off work and using it to add interest to my holiday!) but as the format of that event means there'd no guarantee we'd face each other and it'd be one game at most anyway, well I guess it doesn't matter too much. I skipped Double Trouble last year as I didn't want to make a small force and then barely see my buddy... now however I am merely getting a second use out of a force I'm building anyway, so I've talked myself into attending. Alex did such a good job with blogwars over the years I want to make sure his new venture takes off, even if it isn't exactly how I'd want to run it, it's still an interesting concept.

So, plenty to keep me busy over the weeks ahead...

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