Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Catch 7: Strange Technical Glitches, and Incredible Fireside Stories

Greetings once again viewers as we return to our study of this feral ork society. We have had a fascinating few days watching these creatures, and we have been following one particular tribe almost incessantly, and have got some fascinating insights into their culture.

This tribe, which we mentioned before as the ones who liked to mimic our behaviour, have a rudimentary education process, basically fireside tales. Having no grasp of their language didn't hinder our understanding too much, as it seems they have no more of an understanding of their language than we do... however, not being creatures of old Albia, they don't use the repeat slower and louder approach, they merely hit each other until understanding is reached. It seems to work reasonably well.

From watching fireside re-enactments, one of the most revered tales to this particular tribe is a tale of red armoured warriors that came from the sky, and wreaked havoc. They had weapons that made loud noises, they liked to fight, and they drove chariots that were incredibly fast, all things that appeal in great measure to orks everywhere. This particular group of sky-warriors, told of in this tale, embarked upon their red chariot and proceeded to drive it faster and faster and faster... until it vanished, leaving nothing but a pair of flaming tracks and an ID plate, which is a holy relic to the tribe.

Who knows how long it has been since these events occurred, for time seems to be an elusive concept to these creatures, and counting seems to progress "one, two, many, lots" We can find no record of prior Imperial explorations to this system, although the glimpses we could get of the relic leads me to believe it is from a Blood Angels rhino transport. We did check in with the chapter, but they refused to comment. We asked the inquisition, they said they had no information, but were very much looking forward to seeing our broadcast. Strangest of all was the Adeptus Mechanicus, for when we asked for their records of this system they bleated something in binary and responded that the system doesn't exist... clearly their records are in error, for we stand upon this very world. The IIC is not usually one to crow about getting one over on another organisation, but as I'm pretty sure the binaric cant was not a particularly polite term, I am willing to indulge in a little competitiveness just this once.

Finally, we had hoped to finish with a most unusual sighting. My camera crew claimed to have seen an orange, hairy creature in the trees, and their description brings to mind the elusive Jokaero. They claimed to have recorded it, and reviewed the footage, yet when they came to show me in the production tent, the footage had all vanished, and been replaced by an image of a child in front of a schola board. I have no idea where that image came from or why the footage they claimed to have captured has disappeared, or why our broadcast logs are showing us transmitting data at odd intervals, not just showtime, but little technical glitches like this will plague any field operation. If you want a comfortable job, take a job in the studio. But I prefer to explore!

In other news, I finally have the first stage plans for all (current) participants.

Ginge, Orks

Big Mek Barney
10 Gretchin and a Runtherd
15 Kommandos, Nob Bosspole big choppa
30 boyz, Nob Bosspole Big Choppa

Ken, Mechanicum (and has already put some of his own background up tying him into my little narrative)

10 Vanguard
5 Infiltrators
Tech Priest (so basically the start collecting box)

His narrative also left a nice little plot hook, which I have draped a little more onto after hearing about Jamies plans for Inquisitorial forces...

Jamie, Inquisition
(apologies, can't find the exact list, but was 5 deathwatch marines, an inquisitor and a few henchmen)

My commandos also offer a nice link should Jason wish to join in, although both the Inquisition and the Blood Angels are of course free to disavow all knowledge and pursue their own narrative path...

Jason, Blood Angels

Tactical squad w/ flamer, heavy flamer and sergeant w/ combi-flamer, lightning claw and meltabombs.
Rhino w/ dozer blade

Tactical squad w/ meltagun, multimelta and sergeant w/ combi-flamer, power fist.
Rhino w/ dozer blade

Rob, Tau... has stated an interest in taking his scouting, exploratory force Ork hunting, as he plans to do a Farsight enclaves list, and they aren't exactly friendly towards Orks if I recall...

3 Stealth suits
3 stealth suits
4 piranhas

And finally, feeling a little isolated we have Rich, who plans to get in games against a Space Wolf player who isn't taking part in Catch in order to develop his narrative along a summoning Magnus sort of axis...

Rich, Chaos

Ahriman - 230/260 with disc

Exalted Sorcerer - 220 - Mastery 3, Spell Familiar, Gift of Mutation, Staff of Arcane Compulsion, Tzeetch Powers.
Exalted Sorcerer - 240 - Mastery 3, Spell Familiar, Gift of Mutation, Disc of Tzeencth, Malific Powers.
Exalter Sorcerer - 230 - Mastery 3, Spell Familiar, Gift of Mutation, Coruscator, (haven't decided his powers/role yet).

Although if he should decide that Magnus has a new found affinity for killing Orks (or perhaps Magnus sees something on this rock that the iic has missed) then perhaps he can as yet join in with this bundle that appears to be coalescing above my poor defenceless feral society...

Looks like we're set to have some fun!

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  1. I'm a soft touch... Jamie wishes to change his first month to Cawl, an inquisitor, and a knight. Normally you aren't allowed to change your tasks, but as he's taking on a bunch more work and is including a rather beautiful just released model, I'll let it slide...