Friday, 30 December 2016

Review of the year - 2016

So here we are at years end, and once again I am giving a rundown of various gaming statistics...

My games count has tumbled further than last year, which is surprising as I am still attending club night on a regular basis. However whilst last year 40k stayed steady but Warhammer fantasy was NOT replaced by Age of Sigmar and instead I played more x-wing (more pick up games that I do not record) I don't feel I was doing as much pew-pew this year, however I did spend significantly more time on various board games.

Bloodbowl is an obvious contender and has taken a couple of sessions, but that was a recent arrival so cannot be blamed for the year. I've also had a couple of sessions of Captain Sonar (a game I highly recommend if you can get a big enough group - best with 8 but will run well with 6) and Lords of Waterdeep and other cool games. I think the biggest single club night occupier in the board games variety has probably been Star Wars: Rebellion. My love for this game grows and grows, although Neils love for it is possibly diminishing, after he lost both games against me last week in less than the average turncount for a single game. Combined. His rebellion was crushed by a single stormtrooper and an AT-ST when I accidentally stumbled upon his practically undefended rebel base on turn 2... and his turn as Imperial overlord didn't last too much longer.

Anyway, excuses for low game count aside, on to the statistics.

In 2016 I played 22 games of 40k, winning 11 losing 10 and drawing 1. So fairly even. But it turns out it was my guard that were dragging me down, losing 6 out of 9 games played. This was, in my defence, an army list written for fluffageddon that got tested against tournament standard armies at an unrestricted event when fluffageddon of 2015 was cancelled. So after such a dismal start to the year, I switched to my orks and managed to get that one plucky draw, as well as 8 wins and 4 losses. FOr an old codex, that's not too shabby...

Against my peers I played very few games... Ken once (lost) Rich H once (lost) and Neil twice (won both) I really do need to get more games in against those guys, and more games of 40k in general to be fair. Most of those Orks games would have been with my deffskulls army, and I've already started making another army... 13 games is not a good return on the investment of time and money put into the force, so I really should play more... or paint slower.

Speaking of painting, one bright part of this year is that my painting score (based on volume not quality) looks set to be my highest output since 2012... The track of my dip in painting can quite easily be tracked to the time at my last job, where I regularly worked 50-60 hours a week. I am now in a much more relaxed environment where I am working about half as many hours, taking home more money, and generally enjoying life a lot more... and getting more painting done. The only "downside" is the extra income to spend on boardgames has kinda eaten into my 40k time, but that's pretty much the definition of a first world problem so I'm going to stfu...

Looking forward to 2017, I'm about to start a bloodbowl league, which I'm sure will in no way impact upon my resolution to get more 40k games in... sigh. I also plan to run CATCH to develop ANOTHER Ork army, I have designs in my mind for a doubles list that will be the genesis of YET ANOTHER ork army, and I still have the finishing touches to put on my rebel grots army, and a decision to make about my skitarii force. Watch this space...


  1. Can't believe that we have only had one game this year. Have to improve on that next year.
    The tournament was a bit unfriendly for guard armies. Although you did table an elderly army rocking a revenant titan which is quite impressive.

    1. There wasn't much to kill apart from the titan to be fair :P