Monday, 19 December 2016

CATCH 4: My List

So for my Combined Aspects Tale of Collective Hobbyists I have a planned army list of 2000 points I am working towards, and I have broken the list down into 500 point chunks for the four phases. I know which phase comes first, and that will be labelled phase 1. Phases A, B and C are so labelled because I have no idea on the order yet. One of those phases is considerably easier than the others, so if I think I may be pushed for time on any given month, I can always use that one to give me some breathing space. Anyway, the list...

Phase 1

Big Mek Barney - 35
10 Gretchin, runtherd with squighound - 40
30 Boyz, Nob Bosspole Big Choppa - 200
15 Kommandos, Nob Bosspole Big Choppa - 170
Snikrot - 60

Phase A
3 meganobz, all with killsaws, one bosspole - 155
ded tran truk, ram boarding plank rokkit - 50
3 meganobz, all with killsaws, one bosspole - 155
ded tran truk, ram boarding plank rokkit - 50
Warboss Fred, Cybork Body, Bosspole, Headwoppas Killchoppa - 90

Phase B
20 Stormboys, Nob Bosspole Big Choppa - 200
5 buggies w rokkits - 125
5 buggies w rokkits - 125
Shok Attack Gun upgrade for Barney - 50

Phase C
Battlewagon, 2 rokkit, deffrolla, Boarding plank, extra armour - 155
30 Boyz, Nob bosspole big choppa - 200
19 Boyz Nob bosspole Big choppa - 134
2 ammo runts for Barney - 6

So it's not 4 perfect 500s, it's as near as I can get it it'll be a 2k list so sue me, I can always cover the one month shortfall with wargear that can be dropped when the list is complete...

Phase 1 is built. Ready to undercoat. Also, most of phase C is built, just the Battlewagon to go on that one. I've got the meganobz ready to convert, and know what I want to do for the truks. I've ordered a model for Fred that I hope will work but he hasn't turned up yet so can't say for sure. As for phase B... yeah, that'll be a while methinks...


  1. I love Snikrot; my favourite Ork model :-) Good luck with the project!

    1. He is a beautiful model, however I have converted a more stone age representation for this project, using a savage ork. Have also themed him to match the rest of the squad, all of whom are bein ded sneeky... ;)