Sunday, 4 December 2016

CATCH 3: Meeting your Production Team

Tonight we have a brief introduction to the production team that are currently looking after Barney and Fred. As they are still quite small and not even walking yet, we only require a small team to film the young orks.
The iic production engineers are well aware that the immortal Interschola Master Achtenburgh is under no threat, the same cannot be said for themselves, so they tend to be armed and wary at all times.
As for our young orks, just yesterday Barney took some twigs and bent them into a vague L shape, pointed one end at a squirrel, yelled "Bang" and killed it. He didn't actually hit it, he hit the branch about four feet away, the squirrel fell from the tree and was eaten by a cat, but the cat would never have caught it otherwise so we are crediting that as Barneys first kill. Perhaps this implies a budding career as a Mek for Barney? We can only follow their lives and see.
As for Fred, he took Barneys rudimentary "gun" and used it as a club to give Barney a black eye. Perhaps Fred is destined for a leadership role in the "might makes right" of an Ork society...

Painted up Achtenburgh for a bit of fun, still need to figure out the basing, plus make this old second hand war correspondants crew match his base, but I can get to that. For now, the Bloodbowl figures are calling...


  1. Love the camera crew, where did you get the camera from? Though I think you need a third man for the boom mike.

    1. Found them on ebay years ago, just never got round to doing anything with them. Given I didn't build them, I just leave them as they are and found myself a presenter :P

  2. Superb team, ideal for scenes ...