Tuesday, 8 November 2016

CATCH 1: An outline of the challenge

The interest thus far is enough for me to feel confident moving forward with this project, and therefore I have come up with some more details for those of you who wish to take part. Do note that as we won't be starting this until 1st January 2017, there is still time to join in if the challenge appeals to you.

So, the phases will be as follows.

Phase 1 will be from the 1st to the 28th of January. From 29th Jan to 11th February will be "catch up phase 1" Each 4 week challenge phase will have a separate late period phase where people can still earn points if they finish overrunning projects within the second deadline. I used to have this be part of the next phase but people could end up getting snowed under with it eating into the next phases time, so they would abandon it to concentrate on the new stuff.

If you have finished on time, you can use this period to try your hand at something else or to do prep work for the next phase, or even make a start if you so wish. The plan is to be fairly flexible with the time - if it's completed by a deadline, it scores. Doesn't matter if you started a few days early while waiting for Bob to catch up with last months workload...

Phase 2 will be 12th Feb to 11th Mar, late period to 24th.
Phase 3 will be 25th March to 21st April, late period to 5th May
Phase 4 will be 6th May to 2nd June, late period to 16th June.

At which point the project ends and we count up score.

During each phase the following points will be available.

Painting 500 points of stuff - 5 points
Getting a game in with your stuff - 5 points
Writing a narrative about your stuff - 5 points

If you complete any of the above in the late period, it is worth 3 points. If you do not complete a part, it scores 0.

I would recommend that in the first phase people stick to combat patrol style lists (just because if you're planning to get a game in this may be your best way) and I would also suggest introducing at least one character of some sort in order to begin your narrative... although if your terminator lord won't be in a combat patrol, hey use a squad sergeant as the guy and in your narrative, advance time between one phase and the next to give your character a promotion and a new model. Easy!

A test model for my CATCH.

There will be some other points available over the course of the challenge, although these can be scored at any time you see fit as long as it is before the end.

Paint a set of objective markers. 1pt each, up to six. 2 bonus points if they match the theme of your army, 2 further bonus points if they can hold a dice adequately to be used for mysterious objectives (should be tricky to pull off BOTH of those bonuses...)

In your narrative, make reference to real world events. I have previously given the example of Bonfire Night and the fireworks in an early Tale of Four Gamers, I am happy to mention this as CATCH takes place nowhere near November, so you can't steal that one! There are five points available for doing this, and you can score it up to twice... I like a few references to real life, but we are writing fiction here, not the nine o'clock news...

In your narrative, make reference to battles you have fought how they turned out. Nothing can develop the character of an army like grudges and trophies! 5 points available for this, again available up to twice, as while it adds interest we aren't Dwarves, we don't want just a list of grudges...

Finally, there will be 10 points available for doing a suitable themed board to display your army on. Whether this be a movement tray for those who may like to attend tournaments and want to carry there army easily from one table to the next, or an Armies on Parade style board for those of more of a hobbying persuasion, do something to display your army on for a bonus 10 points.

The eagle eyed among you will have spotted that gives a maximum possible score of 100, and yes the points costing for some of the bonus points might have ever so slightly been influenced with that in mind.

And that's about it. I already have ideas bouncing around for my narrative and I may drop some bits around over the coming weeks, as a sort of prelude to the actual challenge, hopefully it will inspire some others. I've also worked out my list and divided into four blocks of 500 points, and have picked which I will do first... As for what order the other three phases come in, that I'm not so sure on yet...

In the meantime, any questions, feel free to comment...

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