Monday, 17 October 2016

Fluffageddon: The List

So I've finally fine-tuned my list for Fluffageddon... let me rephrase that, I've taken the list I did last time that I realised had broken several rules in the list comp pack, and made a legal version...

Here it is.

Single CAD force, single codex, with as many guns as physically possible...

Warlord Big Mek Kustom Force Field Finkin Kap - 95
Big Mek Shok Attack Gun, Gitfinda, 3 ammo runts, Bosspole - 104

10 Boyz with shootas - 70
10 Grots 1 Runtherd - 35

12 Tankbustas, 1 Nob BP, 2 Tankhammers, 1 bomb squig - 206
dedicated transport - truk, ram, rokkit - 35

Wazzbomm Blastajet, Kustom Force Field, Tellyporta Blasta, Gitbusta - 190
3 Warbuggies Big Shootas - 75
2 Warbuggies Rokkits - 50

Deffdredd, skorcha - 85
Gorkanaut - 245
15 Lootas - 210

Aegis line with Quad Gun - 100
So the basic idea is... lot's of guns. Sit on a couple home objectives with the Lootas, the SAG... run the buggies into peoples faces in the hope that it will attract attention away from the truk full of tankbustas that will be headed for a nice high value target. Hopefully the limitations of the Gorkanaut will be less exposed by the fact that there won't be any super heavies walking around to bitch-slap it. And most important of all, play the mission not the man. Or most likely, marine. I could potentially keep the buggies in reserve but I think that might make the truk into too obvious a turn 1 target - let's give the enemy some options here. But we shall see.
With a few weeks to go, all I have to paint are a few warbuggies and I'm set. Let's hope this time it doesn't get cancelled from under me the minute I get the last model finished like last year...
The final question is, with two painted deffdredds, do I go for the more dangerous looking one, or the more comical one?



  1. Just bought my ticket for this. My own list will be going up later in the week.
    You're a brave man taking Orks to a tournament!

    1. Probably more foolish than brave, but hell I took a single codex cad guard force to my last tournament and got pasted by war convocation and the space marine one with all the free stuff... if I'm gonna lose I may as well enjoy it :P

  2. Once again, I salute your hobby spirit G !

    (The boggle eyed one of course....)