Saturday, 22 October 2016

Deffskulls: Warbuggies

Found these little beauties on a third party miniatures site, pretty much as they come apart from the rockets I added to the unarmed ones. Counts as warbuggies, perfect...

I also converted a counts as Truk, though I still kinda need to play a guard player before I can really use it... however it is in my tournament list for fluffageddon, so I may have to wing it. As I'm pretty much the only guard player I know, I may have to just say I looted my own supplies with that one ;)


  1. Damn those are some great looking looted trukks!

    1. They're a little small for truks, hence me using them as warbuggies... apart from the looted Taurox. That's a truk. And when I come across a genestealer cult player I'll be looking at nicking a "truk" off them too :P