Friday, 28 October 2016

Deffskulls: Test Game of FLuffagedddon List

On Tuesday at Geek Club I got in a test game with the list I plan to take to fluffageddon. My opponent was using a list of 8 venerable space wolf drop pods and 7 drop pods... so not even remotely close to anything I shall have to actually face at Fluffageddon, but I didn't ask him to follow the same restrictions I'll be playing to - if I can make the list work when against anything my opponents want to bring then hopefully it'll be easier when my opponents have the same restrictions I do...

I took several pictures of the game, but mostly of my stuff cos his stuff wasn't painted. It was also rather haphazard in nature so they won't tie in with the overall game description.

We were playing the maelstrom mission 6, where you start with lots of objectives and get an ever decreasing number. A great mission for a force with the rugged survivability and excellent armour saves that orks possess...

Knowing my buggies with big shootas were largely irrelevant for this game, they just ran round scoring objectives. My lootas, tankbustas and shock attack gun just did their best to hurt the incoming armour.

I took down several of them, and most of the pods (sometimes the pods were just a better target, as an immobilised result was an extra hull point off the pod, against the dread it'd probably be rerolled anyway...)

Eventually however, the field was pretty much his. I was solidly ahead on points and knew I just had to survive to win, but to give him a fighting chance I ran my buggies into the middle of the table to score an objective, giving him the chance to kill them with his dread. Given the scoreline (it finished 16-8 to me) this was completely unnecessary, but I was against one of the clubs less experienced players, and similar to how as a Man Utd fan I would never want us to run the ball into the opposition corner when playing against Watford (different mater if 1-0 up against Barcelona) I didn't want to do the wargaming equivalent to him. The game ended turn 6 with me just having my blastajet left. We played out turn 7 out of interest, but I still survived. The critical moment though was his last shot of turn 6 - his multimelta hit... it penetrated... I hadn't jinked (foolishly) as I forgot the KFF isn't as good as the jink save... so I was only on a 5+... I made it. We rolled his damage roll out of interest, he would have exploded me winning the game from a tabling.

So a solid points win, a scraped by the skin of the teeth model count win... sounds like most of my ork wins if I'm honest. Hopefully be able to get a couple more games in over the next few weeks to test the list further.

Some notes however... the dread and gorkanaut were rubbish! To be fair, they're only in the list as I like the conversions, but both of them were whipped in a single round of combat without even getting to strike by the space wolf dreadnaught. And the space wolf dreadnaught had a 3++ save anyway, even if I had lived long enough to take a swing at him... suffice to say, I'm not expecting them to do too much at the tournament.


  1. Congrats on the win. Some great looking photos, can't wait to see the army at Fluffageddon.

    1. Thanks! Well the army is complete now, as far as fluffageddon is concerned. Right now just painting up extra squads of Boyz that aren't worth blogging about, although do have some flash gitz to look forward to. And then it'll just be looted vehicles as and when. You never know, I may loot some stuff from fluffageddon! :D