Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Deffskulls: Progress

So over the past couple weeks I've got a few units done, I'm aiming to get a 1500 point specific army done before the middle of a November for a tournament.

So we have another squad of Tankbustas... didn't need a full second squad, only a few to top up the first squad, but figured may as well do them all together.

 The troops for the tournament army, a squad of Grots and a squad of Boyz.

And some of the Orky Aegis line and Quad Gun I painted for the army.

I have almost finished a truk, which just leaves 4 warbuggies to paint (although I have 7 so will probably paint them all together anyway) and the tournament army is complete. Then I have about 30 boyz, 10 burnas and 5 flashgitz and my backlog for this particular army is done, and it'll be just about picking up/converting what I fancy... which will be a battlewagon or two at some point as I have some Landraiders gathering dust, I would probably expand the size of the flashgitz squad as those guyz are fun and fit the theme, and will certainly be looting a goliath at some point just because it's  an awesome freaking model... but getting close to the end with this little project, which feels good, like I've achieved something in the hobby this year. Go me.

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