Saturday, 10 September 2016

What. A. Kit.

I picked up a Corvus Blackstar, as I thought it looked an awesome model. It has good rules too. Well it has a build quality that matches, nay exceeds it's looks and gameplay.

If you TRIED to mess this kit up, you would struggle, which may not speak well for converting opportunities. However, for building the model itself, it is sublime. The pieces gel together like they do so with a will of their own... I barely felt like I needed to glue it at all. It's like the pieces WANT to be a Corvus, and who can blame them? At a push, you could maybe get the missile warheads and the missile exhaust ports the wrong way round. I didn't try, it may not have fit if I had. Pretty much every other piece had it's own snug place in the build, and you could tell if something wasn't in the right spot.

This kit was such a pleasure to build, I am going to buy more just to build them. I'll then plan an army around putting squads in however many of those things I happen to build...

What's that? Deathwatch aren't supposed to be a horde army? Oh shush, my orks have a 10k headscarf, if I want to make the deathwatch an op-for I need to think big ;)

I am so pleased with the kit, I may even email gw. I think whichever intern has to open the emails and sift through the undoubted hatred that spills forth deserves a brief interlude of praise for a change.


  1. Lol. Do it, email the fine chaps and ladies at Geedub Towers.

    1. Done :P borrowed a fair few of the phrases from this write up. Don't expect a response, just feel it's good to let people know when they do a good job - give them a break from the tide of "where are sisters? Where are squats?" :P

  2. Where are the sisters ? TGG2.
    Where are the Squats ? Hasslefree.
    But yeah, you're undoubtedly correct.

    So then, where are the pictures ?

    1. At the moment it's just one assembled unpainted standard model... didn't seem worthy of note picture wise. Wait till I get a paint job on the thing, then I'll take pictures of it, especially the tail number I have planned...

  3. Nice!

    Do let us know if you ever get a reply, won't you?

    BTW, sorry I've not been in touch in Pompey - it's just that I've literally not been down with a Tuesday evening spare since that one time I *could* actually drop in on you...

    Usually weekends.

    1. No worries buddy, we don't demand attendance from those who live in Portsmouth, I'm not gonna give you a hard time for not making it... and GW reply will be in it's own comment below.

  4. GW were certainly quick to respond, this morning I had an email (first working day since I emailed them)

    Hi Ian,

    thank you for your email - it was lovely to read! It's great to hear positive feedback like this and I'll be sure to pass it on - it really cheers us up!

    Have a wonderful day and I look forward to seeing your army of Blackstars soon!

    Best wishes,


    So yes, the corporate entity that is GW has a human side, and likes a compliment as much as anybody else :P