Monday, 5 September 2016

Small Additional Project, a side project if you will...

So yeah, after that big list last week of all the things I'm working on (a list that was shortened considerably when I boxed up my Empire and Tomb Kings and sold my Dark Elves I might add) and saying how I really should get some done before I buy more OOOOH SHINY THINGS...

Yeah I caved already... having a chat about some cool old stuff, thinking about cool new stuff, all blended together...

So here is what I plan to make.

First Squad
1 Watch Sergeant, flamer, auspex - this guy is legendary, and likes nothing more than a fat cigar
2 Blackshield - rumoured to have lost his nerve for a spell, but kicks arse like the best of them when the shit really hits the fan
3 Veteran with Deathwatch Frag Cannon
4 Veteran with Flamer
5 Veteran

Second Squad
6 Veteran with shotgun - for close encounters
7 Veteran with flamer
8 Veteran with Deathwatch Frag Cannon
9 Veteran
plus 10 Veteran with Infernus Heavy Bolter with Hellfire shells, giving three distinct fire modes - bullets, explosions and fire!

Rhino/Razorback - for the killteam games, will accompany one of the squads.

And for larger games, a Corvus Blackstar that is in the pipe five by five...

So if anyone hasn't guessed by now, that last bit should clinch it for you.

1 Apone
2 Hudson
3 Vasquez
4 Crowe
5 Wierzbowski
6 Hicks
7 Dietrich
8 Drake
9 Frost
10 Ripley

Now I have done this project before with guard trying to look the part, even down to the camo pattern on the colonial marines fatigues, so I don't plan to recreate that level of detail. However for an awesome team that is correctly equipped (for the fluff, I could think of far better ways to equip a deathwatch squad for a real game) to go on a bug hunt, I think this could be perfect...

As for Gormann, Bishop, Newt and Burke, they may have to be accessories as part of a display board. Fairly obvious that Ferro and Spunkmeyor will be in the Corvus...


  1. Did you show me that before ? I remember your theme armies thing.

    Go Ginge Go !

    1. I did a recap of my theme armies a little while back, you probably saw it then, although I'm pretty sure you're my most established reader so you might have seen it the first time round :P