Tuesday, 30 August 2016

That Dreaded Hobby List...

To break up the writing of this post I stole some images off google after typing "to do list funny" as the alternative, of actually taking pictures of the reams of stuff I still have to do, was far too depressing.

So, firstly, the practical...

I have the grot revolution army. I am two converted deathstrikes to build, and then paint those and one deathstrike and three manticores, and that army is DONE. I should really jump to this so that I can say I have completed something...

But at the moment my attention is more on my deffskulls, which was supposed to be a "use up stuff in the bitzbox" project but I keep having ideas... I currently have about 50 boyz to paint, 10 burnas, 12 tankbustas, 5 flash gitz, 7 warbuggies and an aegis defence line. I also have ideas for converting a truk, a couple battlewagons, some deffkoptas, and at least one more warbuggy. I keep seeing things and thinking "ooh it'd be cool to loot THAT" so the list grows...

Then on to the more difficult stuff to get round to. I have that entire skitarii/blood angel force that I had built and undercoated and just started doing test models for when an FAQ made that army illegal... not entirely sure where to go with that one at the moment... very much lacking inspiration...

Add on to that a Betrayal at Calth set, a Deathwatch game, a sudden urge to buy more Deathwatch miniatures and make an army of them, plus a club copy of Assassination: Execution Force and my own copy of Dreadfleet (plus technically finish off the clubs copy of the same game...)

I also have a fucktonne of unpainted guardsmen that are just generic for no particular army style, and about a dozen tanks to paint to match the rest of them, plus a vulture and a Valkyrie too.

Finally we come to the more hypothetical. I still have plans for another 3k of 40k Orks, entitled Project Bedrock, that will require a lot of conversions.

I also have a penal battalion idea for a guard army of about 3000 points also.

Both of the above armies I already have some models for, a list to work towards and solid plans in place for. So which will be my next collection? Probably Deathwatch. Cos, y'know, shiny...


  1. Especially like the multiple pigs instruction. You should do this.

    I feel your pain with the endless list. I suspect one big mistake is to approach 'using up the bits box' as a thing to be done. I have bought more kits to use up the existing bitz box only to have new bits which I then buy more kits for in order to finish the next weird little project off.

    I've done a little video which will be up soon, a sort of multi-media version of your post.

    Penal legion/orky/deathwatch ahoy !

    1. It's why I saved the piggy one till last ;)

      The deffskulls project wasn't so much as using up the bitzbox, more a case of I bought a bunch of Orks off a mate who was quitting 40k. Used them to build the Bad Moons army. Felt satisfied there was nothing left I wanted to add. Decided to see what was left... 20 Lootas, 20+ tankbustas, 10 burnas, 5 flash gitz... a deffskulls army was kinda inevitable at that point. So perhaps "using up the bits box" is an exaggeration, consider it more "doing something with unloved models" :P

      I'll keep an eye out for your video, share the pain :P