Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Deffskulls: Shokkin Game

Cult Mechanicus Report: Tracking Missing Kastelan Robot Maniple

Translated into Gothic at Inquisitorial Request

Xenos species Ork, sub tribe death skull, tracked after fleeing a recent engagement and stealing some damaged Kastelan robots while the magi was examining an STC fragment. Tribe tracked as it passed through a Space Marine force sent to interdict them, stealing more imperial technology along the way. During this battle, survivors report that the electric field technology that had been nascent in the battle against the Cult Mechanicus forces seems to have been perfected. We caught up with the tribe as they engaged a small chaos resupply point, clearly after more war materials.

The supply point seemed to be garrisoned by a unit of havocs and a couple of forgefiends, however a fallen knight and a bastardised corruption of the holy knight chassis emerged to the field, accompanied by whoops and howls of joy by the eager tribe. The impression we got was that the tribe felt they'd hit the jackpot.

Things didn't look to be going to well for the tribe, when in their opening salvo, one of their warp electric field guns disappeared into a vortex, and another launched itself into a one sided fistfight with a forgefiend. In the second salvo the surviving guns managed to open a warp rift under the feet of the daemonically possessed knight, but it somehow failed to falter. The warp rift then seemed to have an attraction for one particular ork (suspect warp taint to that individual) as it relentlessly pursued him, wiping out his squad, the daemon knight he had been in combat with and several nearby buildings. After surviving a malevolent warp force and a titanic explosion, the warp tainted individual was brought low by heavy bolter fire, and the rampaging warp rift expelled itself shortly after his demise.

We had planned to intervene, but a terminator retinue led by Abaddon himself came to find out what the hell was going on down there, so we decided discretion was the better part of valour.

As the terminators cleared a building towards one of the remaining warp guns, it too disappeared into a blink of oblivion. Clearly their success against the space marines was a temporary fluke.

As the battle drew to a close, the garrison had been wiped out, the daemon engine destroyed, the orks had claimed more scrap for their armoury and the knight was in a poor state. Abaddon decided there was nothing left to save so left the field. We took the decision that while the orks had not perfected their warp technology, they stood as good a chance as wiping out themselves as anyone who attacked them, and may even destroy an entire planet if provoked - although not intentionally. Thus the cost of retrieving the Kastellans was deemed likely to be too high. Their machine spirits have been well and truly tainted now anyway. Therefore we are going to let this tribe go.

They'll probably blow themselves up in due course, so are probably not a threat to the imperium. Classification: low priority

*In a game where 13 SAG shots were fired, I managed to get double 1 twice, double 5 once, double 6 once. I also got an 11, and on three occasions had a terrifying moment as a 1 came up, and the other dice eventually settled on a 2... I won the maelstrom mission 7 points to 2, my opponent scoring FB (in my turn for a double 1 on the mekboy junka SAG) and Slay the Warlord (double 1 on my warlord SAG) The SAGs looked like they would cost me the game... until that vortex opened up, and I thought I had a fighting chance to get back into it... until I rolled a 1, and I didn't... but a couple turns later the vortex got another bite of the cherry, and I rolled a 6. Bye bye daemon engine of khorne. So yes, to say the SAGs influenced this game would be rather understating things a bit... that str roll became the tensest moment of every turn...

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