Sunday, 5 June 2016

A-Looting we shall go...

My last post mentioned a work in progress Deffskulls army, and I had done a few test models for it... well here is the first vehicle, a Wazbomm Blastajet.

It is also the last vehicle I am going to paint for this army for a while, as I have come up with a cunning plan...

I am going to paint all the infantry. Then I am going to start playing games. When I win a game, I shall purchase a vehicle from the defeated faction (ideally one that was used in the battle) and Loot It.
I already have some Land Raiders and rhinos in my bitzbox, although I don't see the former on the battlefield too often, so we shall have to wait and see on the feasibility of that one, as adding them to this army is the most likely route they have to seeing a tabletop again. Might have to assume I stole one from behind the lines if I defeat a marine player...

I'm not perfectly happy with the overall colour scheme of this yet, I've chalked the jet up as finished... so far. I may come back to it. It's yet again one of those things where I come up with an idea I love on the infantry but that doesn't translate across to big patches of colour like vehicles too well. I can break up the colour on tanks with kicked up dirt and battle damage. On a flyer, not so much mud, hell I don't even know how this particular flyer is supposed to land without destroying one of it's guns, and I don't want to go overboard on the battle damage just yet... it's not even seen a game yet. Once it's been shot down a few times, then maybe I'll add a few scratches and holes to it ;)

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  1. That is an absolutely brilliant way to build an Ork army. Hey, if you want an excuse to loot my motorpool and fancy the journey, just pop over: such an undertaking deserves my support.

    Comment accidentally deleted