Friday, 22 January 2016

Sometimes You Gotta Roll A Hard Six...

Continuing my run of showcasing old models, here are some Battlestar Galactica themed Eldar

 This was for another Winds of War in Bracknell, so 500 points combat patrol. The Viper is, well, a Viper, cos why wouldn't you? I had two of those in the list.

The Troops choice was a unit of 10 Wraithguard with Sixitseer, sorry, Spiritseer. I felt the wraithguard adequately reflected just how tough Cylon Centurions were.

This was a 5th ed, possibly 6th ed list, so taking the large unit with Spiritseer made it a Troop choice. I painted them up with the red stripe to mark them out as rebel centurions who work with the humans in the final battle. Now sure, the purists might argue that in that case Six would no longer be wearing the red dress, but it was an iconic image so I figured it was the easiest way to represent her.

And of course, they need an objective naturally...


  1. Inspired. BSG Eldar ?!?! Magnificent. How many more of these mad but brilliant armies do you have ?

    Don't tell me, I'm enjoying it too much.

    Looking forward to your My Little Pony 'Crons....

    1. There are some more to come, though no ponies I'm afraid. I tend to lean towards geek tv/movies for inspiration, although there is one to come that has an element of a famous internet meme to it...

      As you're enjoying the articles, that is the closest you will get to a spoiler from me, a slight tease... but when I write up my final piece, I shall detail my next couple crazy ideas - although it may be some time before we see those projects come to fruition, as I also paint normal armies for regular gaming. The weird armies tend to be a fun project and I'll usually get my arse kicked at a tournament with them, but then they go on display and only come out for special occasions... for my regular gaming I use armies I'm less concerned about the occasional breakage on :-P