Friday, 15 January 2016

Deffskulls - Test Models

So as I have several ongoing projects stuck at the "Need to Undercoat" stage I decided to leap forward and do some test models for a Deffskulls army I have planned. I wanted to come up with a colour scheme that is very fast, with minimal effort required (the Yellow on the Bad Moons was quite time consuming, and for a horde army that's always a bad thing) I am not too bothered about winning any best painted awards or anything, I just want something of a tabletop standard.

So here are a few shots. The group shot I'm happy with, from the close ups I can pick out flaws, but given I painted all of these in several shades of blue/green combination, then repainted them all to my favourite, in the space of two evenings, shows it is a quick scheme - just base colours, wash, then a slight picking out of blue detail. I might put a little more work in when it comes to the real army (painting the bullets in the shootas a copper colour to pick them out before applying the wash) but nothing major.

I need to do a second one like this... "Two by two... hands of blue" ;)

Deffskulls Mob. Also known as the Republican Party...


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    1. Thanks. Although as speed was the essence of this exercise, "looking painted" would suffice :-P