Monday, 18 January 2016

A xenomorph? It's a bug hunt...

Continuing my posts showing off old models caught by a newer, better camera, we come to my very first crazy project. Aliens themed Guard.


It all started with Winds of War, a sadly no longer running tournament based in Bracknell. It was Combat Patrol, doubles. My friends had been the year before and encouraged me to come along with them for that one. Not being a great fan of small scale games, but deciding to give it a go, I decided to make it more interesting for myself by doing a themed force. With only 500 points I didn't need to worry about ever using it in my main army, and it spends most of it's time on a display shelf if I'm honest.

Well obviously, the most iconic image is Ripley in the power loader. So a sentinel was the first thing in the list. I did have an old sentinel power loader I'd always liked, but the arms weren't adaptable enough, it was just a single bar. Hence I came up with this conversion, which uses a set of sentinel legs to make a set of arms. Do bear in mind, this is the old sentinel kit with the one piece legs... oh to make this model again with the new multi part kit! The "hands" do spin on the ankle joint by the way, so I have some degree of flexibility for posing. The heavy flamer represents the closest thing to a weapon Ripley had on that thing.

Next up we have my objective markers. I found "Newt" on a random miniatures website, who knows where now. As for the "sample" that is a dolls house glass jar, some green stuff, genestealers fingers and sprue/plasticard.

Next up I have my Colonial Marines. I can't for the life of me remember how I painted these, despite someone asking me years later. All I can remember is that I'd heard that in the film they were normal camo uniform, but filmed under a blue light... so I tried to recreate normal camo, then ran a blue wash over it. I think it worked excellently, I just can't bloody replicate it! This did lead to me keeping a journal of all subsequent paint schemes for my armies...

I also have a transport for these guys, again from an unidentified miniature producer, but it's just a basic grey box and needs a repair so I left it out of these shots.

Running the colonial marines as Storm Troopers to bolster the cost, I was still struggling to make my 500 points from within the one movie. So, in the only time in my life I have admitted the movie existed, I looked to Alien 3. The penal colony gave me the chance to use some penal legion, which I had already converted and had a colour scheme for anyway... adding them to this force just meant putting squad markers for Fury 161 on them.

And finally, after the even I found a little orange nubbin thing... I can never decide if the model looks better with it or not. It doesn't sit quite right obviously, but if I were to adapt the model or do a new one using the new sentinel kit, should I include this? Or even better if I could wire up a flashing LED in there I guess...


  1. Following on from your star wars guard, this is similarly epic. I thing 'newt' is hasslefree. And I did have to suppress a giggle at the idea of anything at all happening in Bracknell.

  2. hasslefree, that rings a bell, probably was that one actually...

    And to be fair to the place, the gaming club in Bracknell ran several good events back in the day. But the numbers dwindled year on year, and then it just stopped. I think their core membership faded away to a certain extent too, as when I was trying to find out what had happened to them I found they'd gone from the village hall (large enough to host a tournament with about 18 6x4 tables) to using the space in a local game store, and I'm guessing it was the core gamers that were guaranteeing the events had the numbers to happen in the first place.

    Still, Bracknell seemed boring, but I do have good memories of the place, as it became my annual project, to create something silly/cool for their events. I won several hobby based awards at that place, only one of my zany ideas failing to get a prize (and even then, it was an honourable mention in both categories I was aiming for...) :)