Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Review of the Year - 2015

So here we are once again with a review of this years gaming...

Ok, so X-Wing has a lot to answer for... I just played my final 40k game of the year and it was first game in over two months... Been blitzing x-wing for a while now, but then again it has helped the game to take off at the club (a fact probably not hurt by the recent movie release to be fair) so it's all good...
Games overall for me has dropped from 48 games last year to 37 this year, so X-Wing has taken it's toll. My 40k gaming has increased, last year I played a (quite coincidental) 24 games of 40k and 24 games of fantasy. This year the 40k/Age of Sigmar split is 37 games of 40k, 0 of AoS... Yeah, suffice to say, having seen several friends play through it, my sum reaction could be described as "Is that it?"

Oh well, they gave my game a good send off, and I can always retro game with friends in a few years if we fancy it.
My 40k gaming has been reasonably successful, with 20 wins, 3 draws and 14 losses... So nowhere near as good as last year where I had a 75% Win rate, but I think several of my defeats have come at the hands of Jamie and his forge world equipped marines... I think if I'm honest, I need to bring a harder list against him. I'm so used to taking a fuzzy list to the club because of the strength of most of the gamers there, but I think in his case I may have to start writing somewhat pricklier armies...
My Orks got 11 wins, 1 draw and 9 losses, giving them a fairly even year, while my guard got 9 wins. 2 draws and 5 losses, which was slightly better.
In my usual checks against my closest gaming friends, Ken has now got to the top of the table despite the distance, playing 6 games against me. I won 2, he won 3, we had 1 draw. As closely matched as ever eh? Now I can boast a 100% success rate against Rich, but as it turns out we only played one game, that's probably somewhat misleading. As for Neil though, only three games this year, but three victories... come on Neil, that's two years in a row I've shut you out now! Get your act together ;)
So, with various painting projects all sat at the "for the love of god undercoat me" stage I have some big plans for the new year, although gaming wise I'm still fiddling around with new star wars toys, and I am still loathe to record the results of those games, as they are far quicker and you can get through a few in a night - it's not a comparable timescale to a 40k game. With Fantasy gone, and me not being willing to record my new "taking a breather from 40k" games results, I may just have to accept a diminished gaming tally in future.
So, to the new year, and May the Force be with you ;)


  1. I think I played twice in 2014 !

    1. I run a weekly gaming club, so 52 games a year should be achievable for me :-P I'd lose some weeks to random board games, but pick up a few weekend games every now and again, and it all balanced out till I swapped Fantasy for X-Wing (which I don't count) and my numbers took a nosedive :-P

  2. Still as close as ever. Well we normally take similarly rounded armies. Still have to try and get more games of xwing in. It is fun, but not really that much cheaper than 40k.

    1. It could be, if I had any sort of self control... If you want to run a list of maybe 3 rebel ships and always want to run that list it'll cost you a little over 30 quid and you're done...

      If however, you're like me, and just want ALL the toys... to the extent that the other day Neil and I played a 500point per side game and I still had about 4 Tie Fighters left over... yeah, that gets pricey :-P

  3. That's a big game of xwing. Lots to keep track of. The main problem with xwing comes with the need to buy the additional cards as part of a set. Rather then being able to buy the ones you need individually. Shame that you cant just buy the models that you want then order the cards online and not have to go through ebay. Though its a fun game and I'm just splitting hairs here. :)

  4. Well it can be done on ebay, but it depends on how seriously you take it. There are plenty of squadron builder apps that tell you what all the cards do. We just use those for our games. Oh, you don't have the card? Who gives a toss this isn't a tournament...

    Now admittedly, if you want to go into tournaments, that's where you HAVE to have all the cards, and I can see the sense in ffg using that system to sell ships that otherwise might not be sold, just so people can get their hands on the upgrade cards that come with. It's clever, and hey if it's gouging tournament players while the casual gamers like me just get along with it, i'm not gonna complain too much ;)