Sunday, 11 October 2015

Best intentions and all that jazz...

Well, I had intended to kickstart some more blogging... yeah, about that...

So, a quick catch up on recent progress.

I got a new camera. I plan to get some good pics of my armies and do regular features on them to boost my content output to help with the blogging. I really do mean to do this :-P

I also have been working on some terrain/a battleboard for my Bad Moons. It's to tie in with a league I'm running at my club with rules for home/away battles... so far my Bad Moons are only playing away games, so I can get this ready to truly knock peoples socks off with a beautiful "home world" to defend.

The centrepiece of this homeworld will be my Stompa under construction. This will be amongst a cluster of ruined buildings. I will also have a couple of fuel silos, some oil derricks, an orky landing pad a couple orky Nissan huts, three orky watch towers and an orky command building... so basically it will look like an occupied Imperial refinery with a few nearby hab units (presumably for the former workers of the refinery)

There will also be a stargate type teleporter, one painted in my Bad Moons colours and one in my Speed Freaks colours. Having also recently picked up a snow themed realm of battle board for the club, it could be a cool little nod to link the two armies together. I may even pick up a couple more for future ork armies, make it a running theme ;-)

Finally, I recently played an apoc game with all of my Bad Moons plus some Speed Freaks support. It was immense to have a fully painted army on the table, and while I had planned to get plenty of pictures and try to spin a battle report out of it, I couldn't really get a good storyline after my opponent decided the best use of his knight was to run towards Ghazkhul Thraka on a suicidal hope to explode in a large manner and take the big G with him. He partially succeeded, I was lucky in that while he decimated the meganobz, Ghaz and a couple of buddies survived. However a deathstar biker command group came in and took him down. I got immediate vengeance with my other unit of meganobz and a unit of nob bikers, but with both of us having lost our main characters by turn 2, it meant there was very little narrative to build. I won eventually, him having very little left on the board and me ahead on points by the time he called it at the end of turn 4, and it was a fun game to play, but like I said there wasn't much narrative to find in there. Especially with the most damage output in my shooting phase seeming to come from "ok, that lowly grot squad that I stuck in that truk cos I didn't have room in my deployment zone are gonna take some pop shots at your assault squad... oh, three casualties. Awesome. Ok, that other nameless grot squad in that other truk is gonna do the sa... oh, two more casualties." My opponent started to get paranoid every time a truckload of grots pulled up next to him. This was highly amusing, but difficult to write an epic tale of 40k about... at least, until I eventually do my much promised grot revolution army, led by Ereyou.

Speaking of which, I found some cool models on a third party producer. Grot revolutionaries. Limited range for a whole army, but I found some orky heads that would match them. Question is, do I go with a purely grot force for my grot revolution army (when I eventually do it, this is a when not an if) or do I allow some squads of indentured boyz, working for their new masters?


  1. Love the grot revolutionary army idea. The stompa under construction piece is inspired.

    1. Well the Grot revolutionary army has been at the back of my mind for years... when I first started collecting Orks it was for a Tale of Four Gamers, in fact of the several Tales I have run it was the best as all the participants really got involved and had backstories for their armies and their development... and mine centred around a grot that gained sentience after an unfortunate shock attack gun incident. I wrote the blog as him, the Journal of a Sentient Grot was born. And so I've always had that nugget of a character, awaiting the day the revolution comes... I owe it to him to give him his revolution some day ;)

      As for the Stompa, credit where it's due I first saw the idea in Milton Keynes Games Workshop some years ago I believe, they had a large cityfight display board which included a not quite finished Stompa with a running battle between marines trying to sabotage it and Meks trying to finish it. Mine is in a much less advanced stage of construction than that was as I recall it, but I've put my own little touches in. I am searching for a grot that looks absolutely forlorn, as the eagle eyed will spot a bucket in front of the Stompa... I want there to be one lonely grot with a paintbrush and a very difficult task... :-P

  2. Love the stompa under construction. Looks great.
    Got to admit, the tactic with the knight is actually pretty effective and you can imagine a knight household younger son trying to prove his worth by taking out the famed ork warlord gazkul. Or heroically die in the attempt.

  3. Stompa looks brilliant.
    I think the tactic used by the knight is actually quite fitting. Charging forward to claim the highest value kill on the field.

    1. Yeah well I said he should model a turban on his knight and called it Achmed from that point on... "Silence, I kill yooooouuuuu..."

      And I have picked up some grot tekkies off the GW website to add to the Stompa under construction, cos one of them is carrying a massive wrench and looks suitably knackered... So I plan to swap the wrench for a paintbrush. And put him with his little paint pot in front of the Stompa ;)