Monday, 17 August 2015

Pop Quiz, Hotshot!

There's an Ork on a bus? What are you gonna do?

So just a few pictures of my latest addition to my Bad Moons... this vehicle is slightly larger than a truk, slightly smaller than a battlewagon, so I figured I could use it for whatever I need it for.

The top is separable, although with some difficulty, and I think if I frequently take it off I'm gonna scratch the paintwork at the very least and perhaps sooner or later break the benches inside (I guess the model was meant to have a roof OR interior benches, not both...) So I'll probably mostly leave it on, but if I'm ever in a tournament where WYSIWYG is critical, then voila she really is open topped...

Five Nob bikers (ok, since the new codex, four nob bikers and a painboy on bike) and a grot orderly to do, and my Bad Moons are pretty much finished. Then I'm gonna try to find a quicker way to paint ork flesh before I start on those deffskulls, I want to smash through the copious amounts of infantry I have in that lot as quickly as I got my guard for fluffageddon done...

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