Saturday, 25 July 2015

Done: Bad Moons Mega Dredd

Just a few pics of what I completed the last couple evenings I had chance to sit down and paint. Also got some work done on a deff dread, but when push came to shove and time was short, I prioritised getting this guy finish over getting both closer to finishing, cos it always feels better when something arrives in the "done" pile...

Still to go for my Bad Moons, the aforementioned Deff-Dredd, a counts as truk/battlewagon (it's sort of in between in size so I figure I can use it for whatever suits my mood) 4 Nob Bikers and a Painboy Biker (originally built as just one unit of Nob bikers, but hey, codex changes and all that) a grot orderly and a mekboy junka. Then that'll be the Bad Moons DONE in my eyes... and before anyone says an army is never complete, with my orks I have a cunning plan... new stuff goes into another tribe :P So my Speed Freaks are done, my Bad Moons are almost done... I have a crap load of stuff for my Deffskulls and the start of an idea for some Snakebites... No, I don't know why I do this to myself...


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    1. Credit where it's due, most of it is a resin base I found online - all I added was the casualty. And THAT is because I messed up doing the legs somehow, and couldn't get the feet to be flat... deciding I wanted to have him stepping on something, I started looking for ideas, when my buddy Ken volunteered this spare bit from his tyranid collection. It's supposed to be underfoot one of his monstrosities, but he built the other variant. So now it is underfoot MY monstrosity :D