Friday, 10 July 2015

And there's more!

So, to add on to the running total for this week, I finished the killa kans I had been doing while waiting for guardsmen washes to dry...

One of these fellas is fairly normal... well, for a kan...

The other guy had an odd pose when I got him (second hand) sort of drunkenly leaning one way with his left foot very high. I decided to create a reason for his foot to be so high. It's not just knights that get stomp attacks, it's just that knights have got longer legs...

I modelled one previous victim under the right foot, and a poor grot who is focused on his target, and may have just registered a splash of liquid down his right side, but hasn't taken his eye off the prize yet... which is a mistake...

I can imagine the kan pilot giggling gleefully as he stomps through his former compatriots, enjoying his now godlike power... it all seems to fit. Anyway, with the one I painted at the start of the week, here are the krew. So, all together now sing...

Stamp, stamp, stamp, on a grot "arrrrgh" *bbbblllooooopppp*
Stamp, stamp, stamp with all you've got! "arrrggh" *bbbbblllllooooopppp*
Stamp upon a grot today, then maybe they go away,
Stamp, stamp, stamp, on a grot. "oh no" Ha ha hah!

And if anyone can tell me what song i'm paraphrasing (or continue the theme) i'll be very impressed. Ken, I think you might know this... you have to find out the artist if you want to impress me :-P


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    1. He didn't say anything dirty, he just gave away the answer I KNEW he knew... :P