Thursday, 9 July 2015

A Busy Week

So we've had some glorious weather this past week, but of course being Ginger I try to avoid all of that. On the bright side, I have got a considerable amount of painting done since my last post.

If we include what I did for that post, last Monday, and run to Tuesday, then in the space of 8 days (and I worked three and had a BBQ on another, minigolf for half of another) I have painted 1 killa kan and 60 guardsmen. I was at my most proficient in the 36 hours from Sunday evening to Tuesday morning where I did 30 of those guardsmen.

Now I know these are only to tabletop standard, but I'm still quite proud. They look reasonable, which is what I wanted. They won't win awards, but they won't be mocked either. Which is better than can be said for them before I decided to repaint...

Only 20 more infantry to do (15 kasrkin in a colour scheme pretty much identical to the veteran squad, and 5 support characters - priests, psykers, officer of the fleet) Then I have 5 vehicles and I am done with the fluffageddon force.

My veteran squad, equipped with carapace armour as opposed to the catachans defence of... er... muscle and sweat?
Now all I have to do is confirm I can actually go and buy a bloody ticket!


  1. Nice. Always good to see more iggies.

    And good effort, getting them all out in such a short space of time.

  2. I'm not gonna say they're super - they're base colours, wash, a few basic details level of painting. Individually they suck. But stood all together like that well, Quantity has a Quality all of it's own ;)

  3. That's a helluvalotta models in a short space of time. Well done.