Thursday, 18 June 2015

Wacky Races

So this Sunday my local Games Workshop is holding a tank race... I don't have all the rules yet, I do know it's 200 points limit and forge world is allowed.

So, this gave me the kick up the backside I needed to finish off a mekboy junka I'd been thinking about for some time. In amongst that wealth of ork stuff I picked up second hand I had a rhino and a chimera chassis, both slightly battered and orkified, and a couple of turrets, one of which could pass for a Shok Attack Gun.

So, I designed the following:

Mekboy Junka - 65
Ard Case - 10
upgrade the 3 pintle big shootas to rokkits instead - 15
Add turret Shok Attack Gun - 100

So 190 points. And it gets me this...

My plan? To be Dick Dastardly. Now sure the mekboy junka has a turbo charga, it could try to actually win the game... or better yet, it can hang back with a dastardly scheme for ultimate victory. I sit near the back of the pack, safe, and keep taking pot shots at the leader. I hope to roll double 5 for a "Zoink" result where I immediately teleport to the target and ram it at full speed. A ram to the rear like that might kill 1st place, but at the very least it puts me in second.

Now I'm sure you can all come up with far better ways to actually win, but remember, i'm playing the part of Dick Dastardly. The guy who would get far enough in the lead to lay an elaborate ambush, which would spectacularly fail, putting him back in last place and usually mired in some trouble. He'd then get ahead of everyone again, and set up yet another ambush. If his car is THAT fast that he overtook everyone multiple times in one race, he didn't need to ambush them - he could have kept his foot to the floor and won every race. But then maybe that's how he lived his life for several years, and after 17 back to back championships he got bored, bought a dog, and decided to try something different, just for shits and giggles...

 Anyway, my work on this conversion is adding the missile launcher rack to the turret, and adding the deffrolla to the tank. I'm quite pleased with how it all turned out, and I was already a fan of the previous owners work on the counts as SAG anyway, so I'm very happy with this model. The only question left is, is this an expensive toy, and therefore should be one of the last things I paint for my bad moons army? Or is it a shooty toy? In which case it should be one of the first things I paint for my Deffskulls army? Decisions, decisions...


  1. I love mad Ork vehicles. Nice kitbash.

    1. Thanks. The lions share of the turret was someone else, an anonymous friend of a friend to which credit is due, but I am proud of what I added to the vehicle, and feel I did enough to claim it as my own... :)

  2. And this is an awesome day... sorting through my hobby stuff, I find a sprue I don't recognise... though I do recognise the bits. I have found, who knows where from, the bits that the previous owner used to make the SAG I added to for this endeavour. :D

    So, THIS one with all the extra shiny gubbins, shall be one of the last things I paint for my Bad Moons. The far more shooty army the deffskulls... they can have two of them ;) Yeah, I found a second sprue of bits about 2 minutes after the first :D :D :D