Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Perils of a Vivid Imagination...

So, a couple of posts ago I listed a new project that had come to mind after a brief but amusing chat about Orks and their crazy nature. As such, I am now planning to do an army, but having looked at the conversions I want to do, it's looking like about £700 worth of models... If I get the job at Games Workshop and the attendant discount, then it drops to a figure I can stomach spending on an army. In the meantime, back-burner... Consider that army to be my reward to myself should I get that job I want in the next couple of years I guess.

I still however have my Deffskulls army to do, and a quick sort out today revealed I had about 20 boyz, 20 lootas, 13 Burnas, 20 Tankbustas, plus a whole host of Nobz and characters to build that army from, plus some dakkajets and looted wagons. And a couple of mekboy junkas will be added to that army too, thanks to finding some sprues I can convert into Shok Attack GUns while having a big hobby sortout today.

Anyway, the reason for my big sort out is I wanted to check my model situation for a list I drew up for a tournament in Spetember, Fluffageddon. I'm considering going, I shall have to wait and see how my employment situation develops in the coming weeks before I can commit. However, I have drawn up a list for now and wanted to see if I had the models to do it. Well I need a few vehicles and one or two old miniatures will have to be tracked down on ebay if I want to keep a consistent look across a squad, but purchasing wise it's not too bad. I already have most of the infantry I need. However, much of it is rather old. And badly painted. Some second hand which is even worse than my own bad painting, and given I used to paint in Technicolour, whereas now I prefer to paint in the gritty style of a Dark Knight, that is saying quite a bit. I'm basically gonna have to spray black and redo the lot. They're only basic troopers so I'm not too worried about losing detail, I just want to come up with a basic colour scheme across the army.

The dread inspiration this time...

So, with two horde armies in the works, I have now added in about 70 infantry and 5 vehicles that will need to be done by the beginning of September. Ouch. So already got quite a lot to do. So what do I do today? I have a chat with a fellow hobbyist that sets my imagination rolling for another guard army... A theme army, working from a restricted codex to suit, taking out most of the big expensive tanks but keeping in plenty of cheap foot infantry. The army includes 100 conscripts for starters... Why do I do this to myself? Anyway, an evening with a pen and paper has shown that infantry can rack up the points quickly if you go all out like I did, but I've designed a 2500 list that I think will look good, so I'm gonna aim for that, and if I want to play at a lower level I shall then have some flexibility. In fact there's a 500 point unit of Bullgryns in that 2500, so easy to drop to 2000, the Enforcers as I plan to call them will stay at home.

So, with planned army list totalling over 550 infantry and 30+ vehicles, I'd appreciate it if you guys could PLEASE stop giving me ideas... :P

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