Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Kans and Catachans

So I had a day off today and managed to get a nice bit of painting done, which was a pleasant way to relax after a busy working weekend.

First up is this killa kan. I have another two of these, a deff dredd and a mega dredd to do, this one was just to test where I wanted to paint metal and which parts the army colour. Most of my vehicles are majority yellow, but then they do have lots of panels, whereas walkers have more of the workings on show... I'm fairly happy with the balance, I may increase the proportion of yellow as I go up in scale to the more ostentatious Bad Moon Orks compared to the feeble grot machines.

I also got my list for Fluffageddon approved, assuming I get chance to go. I want to, but as I am just starting a new job I'd like to be there at least a week before I start asking for time off...

The list is as follows:

HQ - Company Command Squad, officer of the fleet - 80
ded tran - Chimera - 65

optional HQ Ministorum Priest, x2 - 50
optional HQ Primaris Psyker, x 2 both level 2 - 150

T - Veterans, 3 meltas, carapace armour - 105

T - Inf Platoon consisting of
Command Section, 4 meltaguns - 70
Squad 1, flamer - 55
Squad 2, flamer - 55
Squad 3, flamer - 55
Squad 4, flamer - 55

E - Tempestus Scion Platoon consisting of
Tempestus Command Squad, 4 meltaguns - 125
Tempestus Scion Squad (10 members) 2 plasmaguns - 160
ded tran Taurox Prime, gatling cannon - 90

FA - Valkyrie, rocket pods - 135
FA - Vendetta - 170
FA - Vendetta - 170

HS - Wyvern battery, 2 wyverns - 130
HS - Wyvern Battery, 2 Wyverns - 130

Total 1850
Now in case you are wondering why such an unusual list, here is the link to the event have a read of the rulespack and you'll see why I have such an eclectic list. In summary, only two duplications, transports included. (My duplications are in bold) Also, no more than twice the starting size of squad. A check in with the TO confirmed that for guard and their infantry platoon, the squads within it shall count as starting sizes... so I can have a platoon without using a duplication, but as it starts with a command and 2 squads, I can only have 4 squads max. Also, if I want to combine (I do) I can only take the squad size up to 20 guys, rather than all 40 in one squad. I can live with that.

So the vague plan with this list is to form 2 x 20 man blocks with the priests keeping them in the fight and the psykers hopefully giving some buffs to the units. The scions ride in their prime, the tempestus command jumps in a vendetta. The platoon command also jumps in a vendetta, and the veterans go in the Valkyrie. I then have various fast armour crackers that can go kill tanks when needed, wyverns to lay down punishing anti infantry firepower, 2 small blobs to sit on home objectives and various units that can drop down on further afield objectives as needed (some with obj sec)
Anyway, still waiting on a few models to arrive, but mostly this army will be a hasty paint improvement on existing models. As such the troopers will be painted to a tabletop standard. With about 60 infantry and 5 vehicles to paint in the next 2 months I'm not expecting to win awards with this army (especially not with some of the trooper models being on about their third coat of paint by now) but the test squad is done and I'm reasonably happy with them. It's a fairly dark and dirty colour scheme, so the ork walkers will give me a bit of brightness to work on to break things up a little.


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