Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Enduring the Storm

With a Storm of Magic Loremaster game against Stephen and his High Elves, lead by his Loremaster, I knew we could get into a long game. So I made a plan and stuck to it. I decided to hit Stephen with an angry tree. Then hit him again. And again.

Basically this plan revolved around a Truthsayer with the Living Deadwood Staff. All forests were blood forests. They hit harder. And I could summon them, either with the staff itself or with the Life Cataclysm spell The Gardeners Warcry. I would then use whichever lore happened to bein ascendency (I had 5 level 1 wizards of various lores, meaning I had 6 of 8 lores covered) to throw a random hex at the target. Ok, that unit is -1 initiative... oh, and it gets hit by 4D6 str 7 hits. A minor afterthought...

My opponent on the other hand seemed list from one turn to the next as to what to do. At the end of the game I asked him, what was your plan before this game. He had none. Now I know no plan survives contact with the enemy but having one is better than having none. He complained that Storm of Magic was confusing with so many spells. I pointed out that I had just defeated him using only one Storm of Magic spell... plus a bound item that was practically the same spell. After that it was just regular spells to activate the forests I had just buried him in. I wonder how many other people have been overwhelmed by Storm of Magic for much the same reason. I like it as a game variation, and while I wouldn't want to play that way every week (some of the double miscasts can be utterly game changing, and thus there is more of a random element than a regular game) they are fun for variety from time to time.

Anyway, campaign wise this puts me up a couple more relics, and I am sat on Steves mine and his wizards tower. I'd like to expand my territory to take them, but I imagine he'll throw relics at me to keep hold of them, as the poor guy is swiftly running out of territory. I have a nice little empire tucked away, but with Neil suddenly emerging as runaway leader on mine count (and mines are the key to victory in this campaign) I think next turn I'll be running my armies full pelt north to try to steal some off him.

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