Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

ok, so I don't plan in issuing any of the first two, just the brief annual rundown of my year in gaming... a little early this year but I intend to play a boardgame at the final geeknight of the year and they don't count towards my stats.

It was a bit of a quieter year this year than last, as my end of year round up only includes games when it is down to me alone to win or lose, and with various campaign multiplayer battles going on and Triumph and Treachery being released and running a combat patrol doubles event, I've got quite a few games that don't technically count... but they were fun to play which is all that matters, so no regrets.

For a glance at last years round up, follow the link

Well, looking at the trend, I got off to a good start this year flying out the blocks with a lot of good results, and while there may have been the occasional patchy result it was overall a good year. That is, until the new Dark Elf book came out. I got off to a good start, smashing a high elf player. But the army enjoyed it too much, and when I tried to pit them against lesser opponents (smelly ogres, lizards, tomb kings) they sulked and refused to co-operate - culminating in a sequence of failed leadership tests and miscasts in a single turn that I (rather naively) calculated the odds on. Han was right, finding out you just had a 20 million to one series of bad luck events in one turn is not good to hear. Impressive none the less...

I also get the feeling that the Druchii threw a curse at me for my trouble, as my general luck in all games took a dip around this time, and has only recently started to recover after passing the army (hereafter known as the accursed host) on to Jason, a fellow Dark Elf player, to bolster his army ahead of an upcoming campaign...

Anyway, on to the stats.

Not a bad year overall, recording 30 wins, 19 losses and 7 draws. The bulk of that coming in 40k, with 25 wins, 13 losses, 6 draws.

My Star Wars Guard were dusted off for a tournament, and while I picked up a couple of wins in practice games, their win some lose some performance at the tournament got them 4 wins and 2 losses for the year.

My regular guard forces (which I have counted separately since the inception, to avoid a fluff designed theme army ruining the good rep I have with my guard) did far better, scoring 8 wins, 2 losses and 3 draws. I remember both losses keenly - both against Tyranids. The first, the Scouring ended turn 5 with my opponent winning 8 points to 5. We played turn 6 out of interest and I was winning 11-3 with him having a single model left. Gutted to lose that one. The other was a recent game against Ken, where I was fairly confident I was heading for a turn 5 tabling... until his Gaunts managed to get 9 glancing hits against the back of my FLYING Vulture... a spectacular run of shooting that saved his Flyrants arse and completely turned the game on it's head - meaning my recklessness with my scoring units when I was looking at tabling him really came back to bite me in the arse...

Orks had a good run, 7 wins 4 losses 2 draws. Most of these were during the Crusade of Fire campaign that sort of fizzled out after a while...

The Necrons were bloody good for me this year, getting 5 wins 2 losses and 2 draws - both losses coming against Ken. One of those was against Tau fighting for one objective each longways down the table - a scenario combination that my Necron army just cannot cope with, but that is my own fault for limited list design. It works in most games, just that was a horrendous matchup. They also lost to Kens Tyranids, in a somewhat closer encounter.

My Empire were probably the stars of the year, getting 5 wins 1 loss and 1 draw (the loss coming after Karl Franz managed to fail a rerollable break test on 3 dice discarding the highest and get run down by gutter runners, gifting my opponent enough points in the final turn to change a solid victory into a defeat.)

And then there are the Dark Elves. 1 win, 5 losses, and a dark cloud of ill fortune that seemed to affect all other armies that played at roughly the same time they were used. Bastards! I'll give them a go again next year, in the meantime I'm going to purchase some of the new toys to try to bribe them into playing nice when they are returned to me from Jason, once the Badlands campaign has run it's course.

On the bright side, the Empire (the army I plan to use in the campaign) did well for me this year, so let's hope to keep that one rolling...


  1. I think my games against you have gone less well than the year before. Well the 1v1s anyways. TnT on the other hand I think ive been your bane already after only a few games. We didnt play as much this year but I put that down to the larger club membership and the random bits we have all been doing. I will put my stuff up after xmas. I have had same as you though lots if randoms and doubles and silly games like last night I would never count. Good result though lets hope those dice turn against you when we hit the badlands.

    1. You've hardly been my bane mate... I've played 3 games of TnT, won one lost two... however one of the losses you didn't play in. So against you (and others) in TnT we're honours even.

  2. Well I'm jealous...and if you ask me that's a year well spent!

    Merry Christmas, Ginge!

    [by the way: is it my imagination or are you in the Pompey area?]

    1. I wasn't anywhere near as hobby active in the hobby this year as last, and while the games played wasn't too different, the painting points took a massive nosedive... well, unless I fancy painting a few hundred models before the year is out, don't think that's gonna happen :-P

      Merry Christmas to you too good sir

      And no, it isn't your imagination, I am pretty much smack bang in the middle of the Pompey area, though I am curious as to why you ask...

  3. Ah, well..

    It so happens that I'm Portsmouth born and bred, and I'm popping back there increasingly often to check in on my dad in North End...I was just wondering if it might be possible to have a wee game one time maybe?

    Often I have my wife and/or kids with me when I go home (tomorrow's a case in point: we're heading in for a few days) but if I'm on my own, it might be nice to swing by, maybe...if you're not averse to the idea...?

  4. I'm not averse to the idea at all pal. I run a club that meets on Monday nights on New Road in North End... it's the only time I tend to get to game typically, if you're ever in the area on a Monday I'd be more than happy to give you a game.

    Any other day would take a little more planning, as 1) to keep my Monday evenings I pretty much tell my boss he can rota me for whatever the fuck he likes 6.5 days a week if he can just keep my Monday evening free and 2) having limited space at home I leave my table and scenery at the club I run - at least they get some use there on a regular basis!

  5. Great to know - and actually super-convenient!

    I'll be sure to let you know in future (it'll probably be during a half-term, I should think).

    Cheers, matey!