Monday, 14 January 2013

Journal of a Sentient Grot: Onwards to Corvus!

Greetings once again my loyal readership! Ereyou returning with more news from Bugrits ork clan.

Well, what to say since our last correspondence? We have been busy. First Bugrit took the pieces of broken Baneblade from the last climatic battle I told you about, and got the wreck running again. Well, mostly. There's a few bits that we couldn't fit back in, but hey it goes so who's complaining. All those clearly unnecessary spare bits just made room for more passengers!

Bugrit got sick of those annoying flyboys in Deffkoptas buzzing his workshop, so he made something bigger and faster and more powerful to shoot them from the sky... or, to quote his own description, something "bigga, snazzia, fastarara, and more dakka-y."

I meanwhile managed to put together a small looted wagon with the biggest gun I could find and crew it entirely with Grots. Thus far Bugrit is unawares, as I deliberately miscalibrated the sights - I wouldn't want my brethren to give the game away with distinctly un-ork like shooting. Besides, it's a battle cannon - if it's an inch or two off target the survivors are unlikely to be in a state to care.

We also had a visit from Santa Klaws, and fixed him up with an awesome ride too.

I have infiltrated many of my comrades around key locations - the Fortress of Ignorance is practically swarming with my cohorts. Some day, we will have our chance to rise...

But not yet. For now, we have gathered ourselves aboard our ramshackle fleet and are heading for a nearby star system. A warp storm is receding and several planets have emerged. Bugrit thinks there could be some good loot there, and possibly a good fight too. Maybe he'll get more of a fight than he bargained for... I'm still waiting for my moment...

Anyway, for now, we make for the Corvus subsector. Wazzdakka will probably get there first as always, but Bugrit has come up with a good partnership with Wazzdakka. Wazza crumps stuff and keeps riding, Bugrit collects the spoils and keeps the army moving.

This is Ereyou, signing off. Till next time Comrades...

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