Thursday, 31 January 2013

Journal of a Sentient Grot - Inauspicious Beginnings

Greetings fellow travellers!

Having made it somewhat mostly kind of in one piece to the Corvus sector the boys set about with reckless abandonment. Whilst an ice planet would have been homely compared to our last world it was already teeming with the greenskins of a rival clan, we barely got a foothold.

There was a small grey planet that the chapter the Grey knights had taken for their own... I'm not sure what they are doing hunting for daemons on a repugnant little world like that (The planet is a psychic dead zone) but if they want to go play fifty shades over there that's their prerogative.

The rest of our clan dropped down on a daemon infested world and a regular world. The daemon infested world was good fun, although having the boys spend half the battle run towards a strangely attractive hill was annoying, at least it didn't stop us from chasing the Emperors loyal puppies off the planet! However on the main world things didn't go as well against the emperors emos, as Wazzdakka was knocked swiftly off his bike. The lads grabbed the loot and ran and clung on to it for the rest of the game, so it wasn't a total loss, though it did break our momentum somewhat.

While Wazzdakka licks his wounds Bugrit is monitoring the receding warp storm... the first thing to emerge from the clouds appears to be a vast space station. That could make a wonderful base of operations. However, others may share that same goal...

I will update you all again when I have chance!

Fare thee well my friends!



In other news, by the planets.


The Black Legion forced the Grey Knights from the Iceworld, only to lose some ground themselves to the Orks. The firelords clipped the Orks wings a little, before the Iron Warriors recaptured the Black Legions lost facility. The Night Lords are now crossing the void to pitch in against the beleagured Orks.


Tzeentch entrenched themselves on this planet, and have been expanding rapidly, forcing the firelords from the planet. The Orks forced the Space Wolves from the planet, and now only the Orks and the Blood Angels stand against Chaos holding all of Junkatta

Corvus Majoris

The Night Lords are entrenched on this planet, and defended their hive against attack. The Black Legion pushed the Space Wolves back, while the Orks and Blood Angels played to a bloody stalemate. The Firelords have lost more ground, and are about to be attacked in their hive by the Black Legion.

Other News

We have found that Planetstrike needs to take a departure from 6th edition in several ways. First off, the rule for "Nothing on the table auto lose" NEEDS to be ignored for this game, or at least the first turn of it. With the entire attacking army forced to start in reserve, combined with reserve modifiers from units (Guard advisers for example) and warlord traits, it is all too possible for a bit of bad luck rolling for reserves on turn one to mean the attacker loses without deploying a single model. This would be totally unfair, and therefore I have omitted this rule from planetstrike.

Furthermore, the rule for no assaulting from reserve makes the attackers mission quite frankly impossible. They would arrive from their drop zone table edge to be faced with defenders going "Ah good you're here, time for us to assault you" The whole point is the attacker has the INITIATIVE, it wouldn't make any sense for them to just wander in and stand there for the defenders to attack at will. Therefore I would suggest ignoring this rule in planetstrike games until such time as GW brings out updated rules for planetstrike.

Hive Cities

The Book Crusade of Fire is vague on Hive cities, it merely says they count as all of the other upgrade places. This makes them powerful in a campaign turn, and worth having. I think it makes them overpowered in game terms. If the in game benefit of having a hive city were all of the above, then the player with a hive city would have an extra E/FA/HS slot, +1 to go first, an archeotech force dome generator, and the option to take either a Bastion or a Skyshield landing pad for free. That's an awful lot for one tile to give you, and heaven forbid if you have two tiles, as presumably they'd stack... Anyway, to avoid this, I have ruled that Hive Cities get the CAMPAIGN benefits of all of the other facilities, but none of the IN-GAME benefits. They're already protected enough by not being conquerable unless you play a Cities of Death game. We don't need to make them any harder to take.

Anyway, any further problems we come across I shall keep you all up to date.

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