Tuesday, 8 January 2013

And it Burns, Burns, Burns...

That Crusade of Fire! That Crusade of Fire.

Yes, next week I shall be starting a Crusade of Fire campaign at my local wargames club, and I plan to keep a running log of what's going on here. I don't plan to do a blow by blow account of the campaign, nor is it going to be an in depth fluffy tale of the outcome. It'll be a sort of blend. Where I can spin a good yarn from the progress of the crusade I will. Where we run into a technical issue that needs to be worked around, I will put the workaround on here so that future campaigners can avoid our problems. But for now, with the warp storm receding and the first four planets revealed (painted) the forces are gathering and I thought I'd give a quick run down of the combatants that are signed up to stake their claim on the sector next Monday night.

Let's start with myself.

Ginge. Playing campaign as Orks. This puts me on the "neutral" side, though as the neutral side is made up of two Ork players we may as well just call it the Green team. I'll be running speed freaks Orks. At the moment i haven't quite decided who my Grand Warlord will be yet. I usually use Wazzdakka Gutsmek given I do speed freaks, but my Ork army started with a Tale of Four Gamers challenge based around the exploits of the Big Mek, Bugrit, and his sentient grot assistant Ereyou. It may be fun to bring them back into things, as the exploits of Bugrit and Ereyou were quite good fun, even if I rarely use a Shok Attack Gun anymore - the last game I played in was an apoc game where he managed to take himself a squad of Grots and two dakkajets into the warp with him... all good fun though.

Rob W. Rob makes up the other Ork player in this campaign, and tends to go with foot horde and squads of kitted up Nobz with Lootas in support to get the job done.

Next, the Imperials.

Tim. Plays Blood Angels, has a penchant for Dreads and Death Company. Also annoys people with Stormravens, when he can find them.

Jason. Playing as Fire Lords - look like Blood Angels to me but he seems to use the basic marine codex but whatever. The Imperial team (being half Blood Angels, pretty much) will be using the team colour of Red.

Rob P. Rob is bringing predominantly Space Wolves to the table, though as he's the indecisive type he's liable to be assisted at different times by Grey Knights, Imperial Guard and possibly Chao... cough ahem, Dark Angels.

Neil completes the Imperial Forces, bringing the Grey Knight Paladins and Terminators of doom. Makes sense to bring Daemonhunters to a sector that has been lost in a warp storm for years I suppose.

Finally, the Chaos forces that have used the opportunity of the warp storm to gain a foothold among the sector.

Rich H. Chaos Space Marines. Seems to have something of a Black Legion feel to his army. Makes sense for him to pick Abaddon as his Grand Warlord, but then again he's not the most successful crusader around is he? 13 attempts later he's still not got out of the galactic version of his frakin driveway...

Rich F. Also Chaos Space Marines. Rich F brings something with more of an Iron Warrior feel to the table, with armoured monstrosities and a Warpsmith to keep it all running. Though the warpsmith may not have the power to claim the mantel of Grand Warlord for such an auspicious crusade.

Rich A. Rich A makes up our plethora of Riches in the Chaos Space Marines department. His collection has a blend of legions, though I believe Night Lords are a strong flavour to his lists.

Tom. Chaos Daemons. A none power armoured foe, finally! (Well apart from the Orks!) Tom brings a Chaos Daemons of Tzeentch army that the recent White Dwarf update has made MUCH better. It is a blast you off the table list that may struggle to claim objectives, and while the firepower might cause some problems early in the campaign, I am confident that people will start to pick apart how to defeat it, safe in the knowledge that as a single god theme army, he doesn't have all that many options back in the cupboard. I expect to see Kairos Fateweaver leading this crusade for the daemons.

So, stay tuned for the start of the campaign next week, when I will go through which forces established presences where, and how the first few encounters went.


  1. Watching with interest. Good luck to the sons of Gork (or was that Mork ?). It really does seem like an awful lot of power armour in there...

    1. Way of the hobby really isn't it :-/ At our club power armour armies outnumber non-power armour armies by at least 2 to 1, and given 3 of the non-power armour armies are mine so I can only bring one at a time, you get used to fighting marines! :-P