Monday, 31 December 2012

A Year in Statistics

So it's once again time for my customary review of the years gaming!

So, to start, a quick recap of 2011. I played 77 games with a WDL ratio of 37/11/29. My fantasy game was my weak side while 40k was strong. Neil I got 2/1/1 against for the second year running, Rich H and I got 4/1/4 and ken was something of a nemesis for me, with me only managing 3/0/8 against him. My strongest army were my Orks.

On to 2012 then. First up, games in general. I had a good year this year, playing 97 games (20 more than last year) and managing to win 54, draw 5, lose 38. I improved my fantasy game, managing to win 12 lose 11 which I'm more than happy with. 40k I split into stats for 5th and 6th. In 5th ed I went 11/5/15, but since 6th rolled around I have gone 31/0/12.

A lot of that improvement under 6th ed can be put down to using my Necrons more. In 5th I only got 3 games in, winning 1 and drawing 2. Hardly a fair sample. Under 6th though, I've won 20 and lost 8, giving me 21/2/8 overall.

Orks had a good year, getting 11 wins and 5 losses. Guard won 4 lost 5, and Star Wars Guard won 3, drew 1, lost 6. The Star Wars guard had a bit of a poor year as I used them mostly in tournament gaming, where I didn't do too well... getting a 4/2/6 ratio. My fantasy stats are all Empire, as playing through a campaign and a new codex saw me not bother to pick up my Tomb Kings or Dark Elves at all this year. I shall have to remedy this in 2013.

Finally, on to my friends. Against Ken and Rich I managed to keep things fairly balanced, getting 5 wins and 5 losses against Ken, getting 3 wins and 3 losses against Rich. Against Neil, well I'm pleased to say I got more games in against him this year. Not sure if he'll be as pleased to see this... I played him 12 times. I drew none. I lost... none. Yeah that's right, I got a clean sweep against Neil this year. Given he's been almost exclusively using his Grey Knights (who I'm guessing he does reasonably well with against everyone else given how much people hate them) I'm quite proud of this... especially given one of the battles, during the fantasy campaign, he had a 500 point advantage over me - and yet I still pulled off the win!

So all in all a good year. Plenty of gaming and plenty of good times, plus a healthy WDL ratio to stroke my ego a little! I also managed to keep my high model output up according to the painting points, doing over 500 points again (despite a poor start that saw me only having done 120 points by September!) I will aim to match this output again next year, and you never know I may just try to break the 100 games in a year margin. This of course means averaging two games a week, so it's quite a tough one, I'm surprised how close I got this year if I'm honest. But it's something to aim for anyway.

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