Thursday, 31 May 2012

The Pigeon has come home to roost...

With Blog Wars 3 fast approaching I have taken the opportunity of a trip up north to visit family. Blog Wars is closer to my mums place than mine, so a nice relaxing few days off and Blog Wars on the way back.

Anyway, no work for a few days and the afternoon off gave me the opportunity to paint this little beauty. Now some have made cruel comments about the new Griffen model, saying the head is too small and it looks like a pigeon... with that in mind, let's say my Griffen has been somewhat inspired by nature... and given I live in Portsmouth, that probably covers the two heads on the model too!

Ok I'll admit when I started this I was more thinking along the lines of a Peregrine Falcon, but it's ended up looking more like a pigeon. I don't care though, as I think it looks good, and anyone who says he looks like a pigeon isn't going to live very long to regret their insults...


  1. I'll be setting off tomorrow too. I'll see you up there! I'm in Pompey, small world.

  2. If this is the part where you tell me you were at the Solent 40k event this weekend just gone it'll be an even smaller one... :oP