Monday, 21 May 2012

The Empire Strikes Back!

The army arrayed for Escalation 11

 Late last year I attended the Escalation tournament with a true labour of love - a 2000 point themed army, broken down into 500 point exact segments for the escalating nature of the tournament. I was proud, though never wanted to paint white again EVER. However, after enjoying a good tournament, I did get to thinking that these guys couldn't just be a display army, they needed to come out and play from time to time... therefore, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK (well, technically it strikes again, but saying it strikes back sounds better for some reason...)

Penal Legion - Captured Rebel Scum

Speeder Bikes (Rough Riders) in action at Escalation
With a slight modification to the list (dropped a squad of troops, a squad of vets, trimmed a couple items wargear etc) I have got a 1750 point list ready to go. First up is the Solent 40k challenge this weekend (which I'm apprehensive about, the local GW manager is entering with his purifier spam army and he is hoping to meet some of the top tournament players in the country and trample all over them... a fluff based army like mine may get a pounding. On the flip side, by not following what's supposed to be competitive, tournament players could be completely unprepared for me. So who knows...)


The following weekend is Blog Wars 3 which I'm much more comfortable about - it's a friendly environment and feels more like a local club tournament than something which draws people from across the nation, so well done to Alex for managing to keep it so chilled out.

Rough Riders - Scout Troopers on Speeder Bikes

Marbo - Fett
Anyway spaced throughout this post are some pictures of my beauties, including the special character required for Blog Wars Marbo Fett. I do feel a bit of a let down taking just Marbo as my special character, but it's not like I've built a competitive list and tacked him on... this army has plenty of character...

Ratlings - Scout Troopers
Commissar Lord - Vader


  1. Oh, and this is why I'm taking this army to Blog Wars instead of my original plan of Necrons...

    Just hoping to face off against him at some point on the day, it would be an EPIC match up...

    1. awesome! i hope that we do meet that would be very funny :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. I imagine our game would be nothing but Star Wars quotes at every given opportunity :oP

  2. Indeed :) Ive linked you up on my blog, but i sure do have a bad feeling about this....