Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Another Fine Mess...

In the dark depths of the mines there was the constant chink of tools striking the rockface, the harsh crack of the whip, and the screams of the agonised slaves. The Mad Monk turned to the scorched and blackened figure beside him and muttered... "Arthur, this is another fine mess you've gotten us into!"

*Whipcrack* "Arrrrrrgggghhhh!"

AB: "I'm not sure why you're blaming me my lord... I was eaten by the hydra. I was lucky it was down to one head so swallowed me whole rather than fighting with itself over me. Being in one piece was a considerable advantage when I got my next spell off and vaporised the thing around me. I could have made good my escape if my timing had been better and it hadn't at the time been on the victory parade surrounded by an entire encampment. What's your excuse for not escaping from the field of battle"

MM: "Sigmar wills it clearly... otherwise i would have noticed one of those bloody pirates had tied my bootlaces together."

*Whipcrack* "Arrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh!"

AB: "You know I still have my magic items secreted about myself... they're a little singed but I can remake them from the fire anew and we can make our escape!"

MM: "You're crazier than I am!!! Fire! In this place! You'll blow us all to hell and back! If we are to escape it must be by conventional means..."

*Whipcrack* "Ooooooooh, again, AGAIN!"

Arthur paused for a moment with a puzzled look on his face... "One of your lot?"

"Probably" The Mad Monk replied "Either one of the martyrs or a dark elf. Those guys have a bit too much in common at times..."

*This tale is because both my heroes of legend that took part in the last battle were captured by the enemy.*


  1. Sounds like your Warhammer games are going well then....
    Still at least you get a new army book soon.

    1. Downisde of that... I have a season finale end game coming up which could be crucial to the success of the campaign... and I have to do it with an entirely new book that I'll have had about a week to read and try to learn... :oS

      And payday isn't till the day of the battle so no chance to get any new toys in time...

  2. However some of the units you already have may be more effective, though I have heard that steam tanks are doubling in price and can be killed easier.

  3. The Steam Tank can already be one shot killed by any spell that relies on an initiative test or anyone with heroic killing blow (warhammer equivalent of instant death that ignores eternal warrior) and while it's probably a little too good right now it should be one or the other... increase the cost OR nerf it, not both. Or if both then a small amount of each. Not a doubling. Still, we shall see.

    And the standard practice is for the new models to be the new best stuff to encourage you to buy them... which does me no favours as I won't have any before the big game...

  4. I was just saying that because it's written by cruddace who did the Tyranid codex. :-P

    1. Well overall I am not impressed. Damn near everything went up in price, down in effectiveness, or both. Steam Tanks were one of the few to lower in price, but totally nerfed at the same time. Far more killable, far more likely to kill itself. I also fail to see how a big spider can be toughness 8, a cannon (made of wood and metal) can be toughness 7, but a steam tank (huge lump of metal with a 1+ armour save) can be dropped from T10 to T6. Really?!?

      Also one of the armies I run is a peasant theme army, with the militia and the raving loonies as the core. Well the raving loonies are no longer core and the militia can no longer act independantly. Making that theme army illegal. Bugger.