Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Follow That Fortress!

With no one to stand in their way the good men of the Empire planted the flag of Gelderland and claimed the territory from the lizards, before the cold blooded fiends could even react. As the men were readying to move on, an ominous shape drifted overhead.

"The fortress. it heads for the marshes!" cried a squire

"Then it is out of reach for now" stated Sir Ulric "It would be suicide to enter those Marshes in anything less than high summer!"

Later that afternoon though, a strange wind blew from the West. "The winds" cried the various wizards accompanying the search "The wiiiinds"

Just as Sir Ulric was about to say he'd heard enough about their bloody wind problems, that dark ominous shape passed back overhead, heading into the heart of the lizards territory. It hovered, almost within a weeks march of his current position. All that stood in his way, the heart of the lizards empire. Sir Ulric suppressed an involuntary shudder at the manner of icky creatures he would no doubt encounter, mounted his horse, and pausing briefly to whisper "nothing ventured nothing gained" gave the order - the army would march on the lizard capitol. And bring all the spellcasters they could recruit en route with them.

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