Tuesday, 14 February 2012


Greetings Dark Kin of the Elven Kind,
May the ties of animosity be the ties that bind,
I pen this ballad on behalf of my master,
Whose first battle in the campaign was somewhat a disaster.

We've noticed you tracking us along the coast,
We're not sure why you hate us the most,
But we have heard word that you are fighting the toad,
And in the downfall of lizards, we shall share the load.

In our last battle our lord was unseated,
by the sorceress doings of a toad most conceited,
We have made deals of a most malicious artifice,
For that toad we have prepared, a blood sacrifice!

But of course for this curse to take hold,
Someone most spill that blood that runs cold,
As it is you who faces the one we despise,
We must offer you a bounty, to ensure his demise.

Take Toad out of the battle, and win lose or draw,
We shall pay thee a bounty, a trophy of war,
Give us our attempt to shuffle him off this mortal coil,
And a family heirloom will be yours, to keep or despoil.

I know what your type are like, so the choice of heirloom will be ours,
I'll send it with a messenger, some chocolates and flowers,
If you don't like the heirloom I'm sure the messenger will do,
In the meantime enjoy the bearer of this ballad, to entertain you.

General Wilde.


General Wilde,

Firstly my thanks for the messenger - he entertained my troops for a time, I do certainly hope there will be more.

This....ballad...must seem intriguing to lesser races such as yours, but please rest assured that if I ever have to spend valuable time and effort in deciphering another I will personally administer The Thousand Cuts of Khaine upon your weak flesh.

As for this Toad, rest assured that plans are in place that guarantee his demise, my sorceress' have made some promising pledges to me that he shall fall.....if not, well that's another pleasure your meagre kind will not understand until it is visited upon you.

Anarian Hearthunter
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Well apart from the obvious fact that Dark Elves are clearly "with it" when it comes to new technology, it is good to see the Blood In The Badlands campaign kicking up some in-character interactions.

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