Friday, 23 December 2011

Prophet of the Failing Comet

*Introducing another Hero of Legend for the Blood in the Badlands campaign*

No one recalls the true name of the prophet, and it is probable he no longer recalls either. He is known by various aliases that sound impressive to the common soldiery, but amongst polite society he is known merely as "The Mad Monk" He is considered dangerous by some, and comical by others - every single apocalyptic prediction he makes, each inevitable doom, each moment of rapture, each ancient prophecy... NONE of them come true.

Do not mistake polite ridicule for worthlessness though. The lords and captains may mock him, but they also recognise the galvanising effect he has on the common soldier. His combat prowess is also not to be denied as, mad as he may be, he is not fool enough to enter a fight unprepared. Sir Ulric once described a sparring session against the Mad Monk as being like trying to tie knots in eels. As such, he is entrusted with a force of men for those occassions where subtlety is... shall we say, not required...

Arch Lector, Armour of Meteoric Iron, van hoorstmans speculum, sword of sigismund. 225 points.

The Mad Monks Martyrs

Always following in the Mad Monks wake is a steady stream of the insane. Their emaciated condition and frenzied nature leads to a high casualty rate in the units they form, but their numbers are always replenished before the week is out. There is no shortage of souls who share the mad monks outlook on life...

Regiment of Reknown

30 Flaggellents. Prophet of Doom. 310 points


  1. A regiment of renown that will be horribly mangled every game :P. Havent decided on name for my slaan yet, but have decided to renew my blog for blood in the badlands so needs a re-design as was heavily geared towards my old warmachine army and my space wolves. will do in the new year.

    maybe Lord Givsy Shitz, or Lord Ker Mitznutz

  2. Hence why I put in that stuff about high casualty rate and replenishments... to be honest half the benefit of a regiment of reknown is being able to take a free magic banner, and given these guys can't take banners that one is out... they could also gain stubborn, immune to psychology, frenzy... Got, Got, Got... There are very few upgrades I'd want (though always strikes first would be nice) but it's fluffy for the force to have them in.

    I vote Ker ;oP