Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Knight... Sired by Knights...

*Introducing the first of my characters for the upcoming Blood in the Badlands campaign*

Hailing from the minor principality of Gelderland, Sir Ulric left for Bretonia and the jousting scene at a young age. He burst upon the tournament scene with fabulous success, his deeds being the only thing at the tournament to outdo his introductions. His combat prowess brought him to the attention of the Empire Knightly Order of the White Wolf. Crossing the border and joining the order, he has dedicated his adult life to it and has arisen to a position of power within the order, becoming one of it's Templar Grand Masters. With this power he has the political clout to lead an expedition home, back through the Border Princes and to the Badlands beyond...

I give you, Sir Ulric Von Lichtenstein

Templar Grand Master, Mace of Helstrum, The White Cloak, Luckstone. 245 points.


  1. Someone has been watching a knights take recently.

  2. A Knights Take? Or Tale?

    Actually I'd been thinking something along these lines and remembering how much fun that film was (utter brainless popcorn, but fun) and lo and behold it was on tv a couple days later... so yeah I did watch most of it :oP

  3. I prefer the term "inspired by" :oP

    Rip-Off is copying, this is sort of a sequel... I used the film as his background from like 20 years ago... so shush you, go write about Baron Greenback or something...