Tuesday, 7 June 2011

ToEG: Phase Two Review

Well the time is up and then the late score slot too, so here's the scores from the end of phase two.

Sadly Dan has dropped out for Medical Reasons, so we're down to 7. I'll look at getting a substitute in to even things out for the tournament and the apoc game, preferably the same one for both but we shall see.

A reminder of phase two points availability

5 for on time
3 for late (within one week of deadline)
0 for unpainted

Also a bonus 3 points for getting a 1000 point legal game in.

Ginge - 14
Rich H - 14
Rich F - 14
Rob - 14
Rich A - 14
Scott - 9
Ken - 4

Next up for us is phase 3, with the usual painting points available. I'll also be running a 1500 point tournament at some point in this phase, date to be confirmed. Assuming it's before the deadline for painting, I won't be enforcing a painted models requirement for this - I'll save that requirement for the apoc game finale. There will be bonus points available for the tournament, for those who finish in the top three positions. I did consider scoring on a sliding scale for everybody, but that would mean the winner fo the tournament would gain far too much advantage in what is supposed to be a hobby based challenge, so the points available are 5 for first, 3 for second, 1 for third... and bugger all bonus for the rest of us!

Good luck, further info will be in the phase three part of this forum topic.