Tuesday, 7 June 2011

ToEG: The Emperor is coming here?!?!

As the hulking monstrosity advanced on the Imperial lines, a lowly guardsman quaked in fear. "Issa weesa gonna die?"

He swiftly did, as Lord Vader turned and lopped off his head with his power sword. The rest of the squad had no more problems with their resolve.

Piett turned to Vader and asked "Was that strictly necessary?"

"Perhaps not" mused Vader "But I always found that guy irritating anyway..."

"I can get this situation under control" stressed Piett "I know we've suffered some setbacks, but I need more men!"

"Well you can ask the Emperor when you see him"

"The Emeror is coming here?!?" stuttered Piett.

"Indeed" said Vader "In fact his arrival is immenent. He wishes to take charge of this campaign, he has something in mind for a young rebel..."

"I shall redouble our efforts!"

So my requirements for ToEG phase three are as follows:

Primaris Psyker Palpatine – 70
Veterans; carapace, 3xPlasmagun, vox – 150
Veterans; carapace, 3xPlasmagun, vox – 150
Vendetta – 130

My simplest month by far, apart from extensive conversion work to do for the veterans, and having to paint bright red... I don't like painting bright colours, my palette is very grim dark. But should manage to get it done on time touch wood.

Wish me luck


  1. I think everybody found that guy irritating. :-P surprised you didn't write a cheer in.

    Least you don't have to do any white this month

  2. The guy was always (inexplicably) liked in the story, but I'm sure the audience cheered...