Monday, 6 June 2011

Blog Wars - My Personal Highlight...

Game One, Turn Two...

Kharne and his terminator buddies have just pasted some deffkoptas, and are stomping their remains into the dirt.

However, this

Plus one of these


Blood for the blood god! Khorne likes roadkill, right?


  1. hehe, Hope you had fun mate, sorry about the second game, you'll probably get revenge in our next tournament though :-P

  2. Annoyingly, you're probably right... I spend an entire evening playing against you, and then draw you at random in the tournament! Gah!

  3. Well it wasn't quite random, we both won our first with relatively close on victory points.

  4. Granted... ok, of the 8 or so people that won their first game we happened to be close enough on victory points to be next to each other in the rankings, which even then was only a 50/50 chance of playing each other depending on whether there were an odd number of people above us or an even number... I think I can ascribe a certain degree of chance to that one :oP