Tuesday, 17 May 2011

ToEG: As Promised, Pictures!

So, I finally got access to a decent camera so the much awaited good pictures of my Tale of Eight Gamers Star Wars Guard can be shown on my blog.

First up we have phase one and the basic Storm Troopers. I've only got a pictures of one squad here, but BELIEVE me the other 4 squads were just the same O_o

Apart from the large infantry platoon, phase one also had a penal legion squad... also known as Captured Rebel Scum!

And that was phase one. Simple. Though plentiful.

Phase two I started to add some character to the force, starting with someone to lead them...

I also added some "heavy" support in the form of armoured sentinals. I'm working from a self-restricted codex for this army, mainly being stuff that was on Endor or at least in Return of the Jedi in some way... so here are some AT-STs, that just have to keep an eye out for trees...

I'm particularly proud of one of them, whose tustle with an ewok glider had a slightly less "Disney-esque" ending...

I also wanted to include some Scout Troopers, who double up as both Ratlings...

and Rough Riders...

And finally, while he may have expired before we see Endor, this guy is so legendary that if anyone were to escape the fate that seemed to befall him, it would be him. I give you my personal favourite thus far, Marbo Fett...

And to finish, a message to all my recruits for the next couple of ToEG rounds...


  1. yeah lets stay away from those rough riders next time i think

  2. Looks awesome mate, models aren't too bad either :-P

  3. Hi Ginge. Found your blog and very happy that I have, those Star Wars themed guard are absolutely brilliant. Was great to meet you at BlogWars.


  4. Was a good day... I believe there is talk of running another one, by which time I may have these guys finished! :oP

  5. These are looking really good, looking forward to seeing them in the flesh at Escalation