Sunday, 8 May 2011

Blog Wars: List

Well I'll admit I've had a bit of a hiatus from blogging, it's been a combination of factors not limited to getting a part time job, trying to get various full time jobs, trying to publicise an event of my own (which I'm sadly going to have to cancel due to lack of numbers) and I've gotta admit part of it is that I promised I would get a better camera and take some decent pictures - which I haven't done yet. But soon I shall have pictures worthy of you all, I swear... :oP

In the meantime, I plan to attend blog wars and the date is fast approaching, so I've decided to write up my list. Would ideally like to get a game or two in beforehand, but with the new Tomb Kings out and my part time job stopping me from attending my regular gaming club at the moment, I have a bad feeling my next game with my Orks will be a hastily pressed game against Ken the night before Blogwars...

Anyway, here's the list. I don't fear publishing it. For one thing there's so many marine armies entered this thing that anyone who tried to tailor their list to fight me would likely be pulling their trousers down and bending over for every other competitor... for second I play Orks the way they're supposed to be played. No subtlety, no finesse. Take a large amount of green hardcases, and ram down the throaght of the enemy. It works out well a surprisingly high proportion of the time actually...

HQ - Wazzdakka Gutsmek - 180 (My special character for this tournament - and to think the guy said Ghazkull was the obvious choice!?!)

T - 11 Warbikers inc Nob w PK/BP - 315
T - 20 Boyz inc Nob w PK/BP - 160
T - 20 Boyz inc Nob w PK/BP - 160
T - 10 Boyz inc Nob w BC/BP - 80
ded - Truk, red, riggers, ram, armour plates, plank - 65

E - 10 Lootas inc Mek with Kustom Mega Blasta - 150
E - 10 Burnas - 150

FA - 3 Deffkoptas rockets + 1 Buzzsaw - 160

HS - Looted Wagon, red, ardcase, 2 big shootas, riggers - 65
HS - Battlewagon, red, ram, riggers, 2 big shootas, armour plates - 125
HS - Battlewagon, red, rolla, riggers, 2 big shootas, armour plates - 140

PK - Power Klaw
BP - Bosspole
BC - Big Choppa

So, nice simple 1750 list. I've stuck to the simple effective things I can most successfully ram down the enemy throaght, and that I'm used to using. I like Snikrot and his kommandos, but I'm fairly new to them. I've had some games where they've been awesome, but I've also had games where they've been anonymous. I know I can always rely on a good number of Boyz to bring a good time!

Anyway, I'll sign off for now, but keep an eye out for more Tale of Eight Gamers stuff and Tomb Kings stuff soon...


  1. Good luck, and whats blog wars?

  2. Click the link marked "blog wars" and find out :oP Nah it's a tournament organised by a blogger for bloggers... I think there's some tickets left if you're interested, though you'd have to arrange something for crash space with Ken cos I was gonna head up to his the night before so it's not such a bitch of a trip.

  3. I couldnt see link its too simular to the white :P i dont wana go got too much to do atm just curious. would be up for it next time though as have more notice

  4. Nice looking list for the Orks was worried it was going to be an all Imperial outing.

    Good luck and see you at Blogwars

  5. It did look a very strongly imperial list, which is one of the reasons my guard are remaining at home...

    The other reason being pretty much everything in my Ork army is painted, so selecting a list, while my options are nowhere near as exhaustive as my guard, I KNOW I can field without heaping a whole load of painting on myself :oP