Tuesday, 5 April 2011

ToEG: Phase One Review...

So the phase is up and the late submission deadline has also passed, so here is a rundown of current standings...

A reminder of Phase 1 points availability

5 for on time
3 for late (within one week of deadline)
0 for unpainted

Also a bonus 1 point available for getting a combat patrol game in.

Now we had a combat patrol evening at the club, and we had a new member take part who expressed an interest in being a late entrant to the Tale challenge, so for now I've put him into this scoring round. Along with all the existing challengers, we have the following scoreline.

Ginge - 6
Rich H - 6
Rich F - 6
Rob - 6
Dan - 6
Rich A - 6
Scott - 6 (though next time to clarify, the deadline is the last Monday in a month, so the last Monday in May for phase 2)
Ken - 1
Josh - 1

So pretty even for most of us so far, and fear not Ken and Josh there's plenty of opportunity to catch up.

For phase 2 the standard painting times/points are the same, and this time there's a bonus 3 points available for getting a 1000 point legal game in. Scott and I already have that actually, having played a game last night. So the onus is on the rest of you!

Good luck, and get painting!

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  1. Oh, so close to having 6 points, bloody work. :-P