Tuesday, 29 March 2011

ToEG: Go For Backup!

**coded transmission - recipient Kaminoan 501st, Commissar Lord Vader**

Lord Vader

Initial scouting reports suggest heavy rebel pressence in this area. Further to a confused attack during poor visibility conditions we have since encountered some determined resistance from forces of a chaotic though admirably implacable nature, followed by running battles with very odd creatures that seemed to just appear out of the trees themselves!

I formally request assistance from the scouting element of the 501st, specifically our ratters and mounted scout troopers. If some AT-STs can be spared for heavy support that would also be useful.

Thank you for any assistance you can spare my lord.


**transmission terminated**

**coded transmission - recipient Kaminoan 501st, platoon Alpha**

The forces are being dispatched to aid you, and I am coming also. Some things I must deal with personally.

Also a notification - a bounty hunter has been dispatched to your location. Do not attempt to interdict him, he has his own mission. A man of your qualities will probably barely notice his presence.

The Emporer Protects.

Commissar Lord Vader

**transmission terminated**

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