Monday, 21 March 2011

Brace for Battle!

I will be running a 40k combat patrol doubles tournament at my local gaming group inPortsmouth (UK) on teh 28th May this year. The details are available here though it will be following the very successful Winds of War format established by Bracknell Forest Gamers.

Anyone who is interested feel free to ask me any questions you may have here, and other than that hope to hear from you soon with army list submissions :o)


  1. I'm game, but you already knew that :-P

  2. Sweet! Combat patrol in my home town!

    If I can get spousal permission I'll be there...where's it going to be?

    Two things... (1) I probably won't have a partner, and (2) what do I tell my dad I'm up to? He has no idea I waste my money on such trifles. I'm 30 years old and I still daren't tell my dad about my hobby!


  3. The venue is my gaming club, a private members bar on New Road (ROAB Club, the full address is on the info pack)

    As for the lack of partner, I think I'll set up a section on our club forum as an offshoot to this event for those who are interested in coming as singles to network and maybe find themselves a teammate...

    As for the disapproving father, my own always disapproved of my "toys" and would never buy me them for christmas or birthdays. Any dvds, cds, anything at all. he'd even give money if push came to shove, rather than buy his grown son toys. Then a few years back after my painting skills had improved somewhat I showed him some stuff (which with hindsight isn't a patch on what I can do now) and his tune changed... "Have you ever thought of doing this for a living? Could you make a living at it?" Maybe you could try something similar. I don't know if you do commission work (if you don't, tell a little white lie) but you could always say it's part and parcel of that... a good networking opportunity, show off your painting skills, earn more commissions that way... It's a thought :oP

  4. For networking to find a team-mate...