Saturday, 26 February 2011

Winds of War Results - Posted

The results and more importantly photos from last weekend are up!

I'm really chuffed with that Army painting score. I knew we'd done well, that it had been flip a coin practically between us and the best army winner... but I didn't know what score we'd got for our painting. 19/20... I'll settle for that :oP

And also good to confirm our 6th place. Having checked the vp and stuff if we had had the time to get the draw against that tyranid player (there was so much cover he could have probably hid his hive guard to salvage a draw) we'd have only got as high as fourth, so shouldn't grumble too much - not like we missed out on a podium place because of it! :oD

Anyway, there's some good pics of some good minis up there (not just mine) so enjoy.

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  1. I'm quite chuffed with the final scores as well. Did quite well considering our armies were meant for the theme rather then winning.