Thursday, 24 February 2011

TOEG: Out on the fringe...

**coded transmission - recipient Kaminoan 501st, platoon Alpha**

Dispatch with immediate effect Eastern Fringe, Gamma Sector, Quadrant 4 - rest of 501st to follow as and when can be made ready following current engagement.

Garrison secret Imperial Base on moon of fourth planet in Moddell system

Scout out local tribes and evaluate threat level.

Good hunting.

The Emporer Protects.

Commissar Lord Vader

Further - if some expendable troops are required, penal squad SC11M has been attached to your platoon.

**transmission terminated**


  1. Glad someone picked a name coz i didnt want to be the first incase messed up what you had planned lol

  2. I didn't have anything planned... Endor I think is too obvious, and that is the name of both a moon and the gas giant it orbits, so we're gonna have to do our own thing anyway. But Endor is apparently in the Moddell system, so there you go :oP

  3. Ahh i thought you picked that as a "model" ref lol. well i will keep mine in line with yours and after planetfall my sagas will be more specific to the squads and characters anyway so planet names and such wont come up too often